Staff Directory

Fiscal Services Administrators

Business Manager
Jeffrey Hinshaw Ext. 3160
Director of Accounting
Babs Atane Ext. 3117 
Administrative Assistant
Grace Perez  Ext. 3109

Cash Management Unit

Accounting Officer
Sophie Dao Ext. 3159
Accounts Receivable
Le Chi Vo Ext. 3139
Cashier and Auxiliary Accounting
Charlene Sakatani Ext. 3151
Cashier and ASB Accounts
Hong Tran Ext. 3979
Financial Aid Disbursement
LaChelle Jones Ext. 6103
Cashier and Trust Accounts
Luukia Smith Ext. 3935
Nina Marshal Ext. 6104
VACANT Ext. 3981
Diane Keophan Ext. 3982
Mike Sandoval Ext. 3157
Fee Payment Questions
Voice Message 1-310-660-3142

Financial Reporting Unit

Accounting Officer
VACANT Ext. 6091
Accounting Technician
Bea Chan Ext. 3176
Accounting Technician
Diana Stanojevich Ext. 3980
Accounting Technician
Donna Takahama Ext. 3152
Accounting Technician
Marie Yatman Ext. 6193
Accounting Technician
VACANT Ext. 3978
Accounting Assistant
Bryan Kawakami Ext. 3977

Payroll Unit

Certificated F/T, M-Z Hourly (Student, Casual, Non-Cert)
Leilani Abyad Ext. 3145
Certificated P/T
Lisa Suarez Ext. 3146
Certificated Managers, A-L Hourly (Student, Casual, Non-Cert) 
Unita Donahue  Ext. 3143
Classified F/T and Managers, SSP and Police Officers
Angie Gardea Ext. 3144

El Camino Community College Telephone

Fiscal Services FAX     1-310-660-3798

Email addresses are first initial last name