Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions (Administrative Positions)

Assistant Director, EOPS/CalWORKS
Assistant Director of Facilities Planning & Services
Assistant Director, Bookstore
Assistant Director, Community Education and Development
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Assistant Director, Foundation
Assistant Director, Learning Resources
Assistant Director, Small Business Development Center
Assistant Director, Veteran Services
Associate Dean
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Business Manager
Campus Police Lieutenant
Chief of Police/Director of Public Services Instructional Programs
Chief Technology Officer
Compton College President
Dean of Community Advancement
Dean of Counseling & Student Success
Dean of Enrollment Services
Dean, Instruction
Dean of Student Support Services
Director of Athletics & Kinesiology
Director, Library Learning Resources
Director, Accounting
Director, Bookstore
Director, Career Pathways
Director, Career Technical Education
Director, Center for Applied Competitive Technologies
Director, Center for International Education
Director, Contract Education
Director, EOP&S/CalWORKS
Director, Event Operations
Director, Financial Aid
Director, Human Resources
Director, Mathematics, Engineering & Science Achievement (MESA) Program
Director, Nursing
Director, Outreach & School Relations
Director, Public Information and Government Relations
Director, Public Safety Education
Director, Purchasing and Risk Management
Director, Research & Planning
Director, Resource Development/Grants Development & Management
Director, Staff & Student Diversity
Director, Small Business Services
Director, Special Resource Center
Director, Student Development
Director, Student Equity and Achievement
Executive Director El Camino Community College District Foundation
Director, El Camino College Center for the Arts
Executive Director of Facilities Planning, Operations and Construction
Executive Director of Marketing and Communication
Interim Associate Dean of Enrollment Services
Vice President of Academic Affairs/Assistant Superintendent
Vice President, Administrative Services/Assistant Superintendent
Vice President, Compton College
Vice President, Human Resources/Assistant Superintendent
Vice President, Student Services/Assistant Superintendent