Media Services

Media Services

The Media Services Department is located in the Library Media Technology Center and is a key support service to instructional programs and institutional activities at El Camino College. The department provides an interlocking set of functions designed to enable ECC faculty and staff to effectively use current technologies.

Media Technicians and specialist perform a variety of activities that support educational technology on campus. They obtain and circulate media materials, maintain all media presentation, production and satellite downlink equipment at ECC. A wide range of production services ranging from graphic, layout, slide photography and presentation development to on-site video production and post production video editing are provided. Staff is also available for consultation on special needs, classroom facility and media planning and educational media applications.

Equipment Services For Faculty and Staff 

This area provides a vast array of audio/visual, video, and multimedia services to El Camino College Community. Projection, recording, amplification, and playback equipment is available for loan. Support is provided for classroom facilities on campus with built in media equipment. Training on the operation and utilization of media equipment is also provided. Media Services inventory of equipment is for short-term loan. Each division maintains an inventory of audiovisual equipment for use by faculty and a number of classrooms have video-playback systems permanently installed. LCD projectors and notebook computer (limited availability) are available to display instructional presentation in the classroom.

Request for use of equipment should be made at least 5 days in advance.

Equipment for Loan

Multimedia Projector & Screen or Remote for Built in Systems   MM Projector
 PA System (Microphone and Speakers)  PA system
 Notebook Computer (Limited Availability)  Laptop
 Videotaping of Event  Video
 Cisco Telephone Conference Phone  Phone
 Video Conferencing  Video Conference
 DVD Player / CD Player  DVD player
 Easels  Easel
 Multimedia Production  TV Studio
 Overhead Projector (3M)  Overhead

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Faculty & Staff Only. Students cannot make requests!

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Coordinator's Office

This office has responsibility for the coordinator of Media Services Department. The department includes the Distance Education Program and media support for the entire campus. Services include acquisition/circulation of media materials and equipment, production of, multimedia and audiovisual materials and equipment, support of classroom presentation equipment, videoconferencing, satellite teleconferencing, off air recording and cable programming for channel 8. Training is available on the utilization and operation of media equipment and materials.

Located in LMTC 30. On campus telephone extension 6712, off campus 310-660-3593, Ext. 6712


Distance Education

The Distance Education program offers fully accredited college courses via telephone and computer. The offices provides support to distance learning faculty and is a key communication link for students in the program.

Located in LMTC 76. On-campus telephone extension 6453, off-campus 310-660-6453


Media Materials Acquisition/ Circulation

Library Circulation is responsible for the location, purchase and distribution of media materials for the use by ECC faculty and staff. Please use the Library Online Catalog to find your title. Pick up your media at the library circulation desk.

The extensive media library includes film, video, CD-ROM and DVD. A preview room is also available for faculty and staff to view materials from the Media Library and from vendors who send copies for review before purchase.

Located in Library Circulation. On-campus telephone extension 3874 or 3519, off-campus 310-660-3593, Ext. 3874 or 3519.


Multimedia Production

The Multimedia Production component of the department works with the faculty and staff in the conceptualization, planning and production of numerous forms of educational and promotional media including audio product, photographic materials, several video formats, and all manner of media presentation platforms.

Located in LMTC 66. On-campus telephone extension 6725 and 6726, off-campus 310-660-3593, Ext. 6725 and 310-660-3593 x6726.


Master Control/ Electronic Distribution

Signals from the the satellite and broadcast antennas, the television studio, video cassette players, the cable television feed, and video-conference equipment can be received, recorded and distribute throughout the library over video network. This area also houses activities such as tape duplication and production of slides

Located in LMTC 68


Phone Conferencing

We have an telephone conference phone (Cisco/Polycom) available.

Make reservations by filling out the Even & Equipment Request Form found above.

For other questions call our campus telephone extension 6727, off campus dial 310-660-3593 then extention, or email;


Video Conferencing

Utilizing videoconferencing equipment, faculty and staff can participate in two way interactive video conferences with other colleges, businesses and institutions several rooms are available to accommodate groups ranging in size from 2-70 people.

Make reservations by filling out the Even & Equipment Request Form found above.

Any other questions call telephone extension 6727, off-campus 310-660-3593, Ext. 6727. or


Lecture Capturing

For more information, please visit the "Lecture Capture at ECC" webpage or contact the Instructional Media Coordinator, Ms. Gema Perez at 310-660-6453 or