Department Time Line

Year/Date Event & Description   

Student Police
  * Student Court – Part of Student Government
  * Impose $1.00 Parking Fines

 1950 Yellow Jeep purchased for Student Police  
 1951 Blue Jackets used for Student Police  
 1952 Eleven permanent Student Patrol Officers and four part time.
  * No longer connected to Student Government
  * Under the direction of Hamilton Maddaford, Ast. Director of Personnel
 Aug 6, 1962 Lawrence Clark was promoted to Security Officer from Night Custodian
  * Current total of 3 Security Officers
 Feb 10, 1964 Lawrence Clark promoted to Chief Security Officer
  * Replacing Walter Lonsdale who was hired as a night custodian 9-13-55
 Aug 25, 1969 Philip Knypstra hired as Director of Security (New Position)
  * “First trained Policeman to supervise security” (Daily Breeze)
 1970  Police Department consisted of: 1 Director, 2 Police Officers, and 3 Security Officers  
 Jul 1, 1971 Municipal Citing System implemented.
  * Citing for Parking only by El Camino College Police Personnel
  * “Present system of student control has proven ineffective” (Board Agenda 4-2-71)
 1973 Don Morris named Director of Security
  * Originally hired as a Policeman 1970
 1975 Officially named El Camino College Police Department
  * (Special Post certificate)
 1976 Police Department consisted of:
  * 11 full time staff (8 sworn), 7 cadets, 6 traffic control
  * 3 Clearly marked Police Vehicle with Radio
  * Tan (CHP type) Uniforms
 May 7, 1981 Basic POST for Officers  
 Jul 29, 1986 Basic POST for Dispatchers  
1997 Michael D’Amico appointed Police Chief  
2007 Steven Port appointed interim Police Chief  
2007 Compton Colege Police Officers merge with El Camino Police Department  
2008 Michael Trevis appointed Police Chief  

Department Patches

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