Bike Team



As part of our Community Oriented Policing efforts, the El Camino Police Department has a bike team that patrols the campus. The bike team officers patrol the campus on police mountain bikes that are specially equipped with headlamps, sirens and emergency lights and meet all of the legal requirements mandated by the California Vehicle Code.

 The bikes are equipped with electric motors that assist the officers in going uphill or when responding to an emergency call. The bicycle is very mobile throughout the campus community and can patrol areas of the campus that are not accessible to a vehicle. Thanks to a grant from the South Coast Air Quality Management District in 2003, we have been able to purchase (2) additional bicycles and equipment.

Officers assigned to the bike team have completed a 16 hour Police Bicycle Operations Course where they learn to ride safely, maneuver at slow speeds, go over obstacles and quickly mount and dismount from the bicycle.

We have received numerous positive comments about our police bike team from members of our campus community. The bike team is a very effective tool and one that brings us closer to the community and citizens that we serve.