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Basic Writing

English A: Writing the College Essay (Level: Precollegiate, non-transferable, degree-applicable, one level below transfer)

Catalog Description: This course is designed to strengthen college-level writing skills. Students will read and analyze articles and essays and will practice writing coherent, well-developed expository essays. Students will revise their writing using peer review and weekly one-on-one tutorials. Students will review functional grammar and sentence skills and be introduced to techniques of research and documentation.
Pass/no pass only.

  •  Eng A Syllabus Templates

English A Syllabus Template Spring 2015

  • Sample Syllabi

Annick Eng A Syllabus Spring 2010

Blake Eng A Syllabus Spring 2014

Breckheimer Eng A Syllabus Spring 2010

English B: Introduction to College Writing (Level: Basic Skills, non-transferable, non degree-applicable, two levels below transfer)

Catalog Description: This course introduces students to the processes of creating, developing, and revising paragraphs and short essays based on personal experiences, observations, and reactions to short reading selections. Students learn basic rules of grammar, mechanics, and usage. Students practice a variety of sentence types and paragraph structures. Students revise their writing with the assistance of weekly one-on-one tutorials. Pass/No Pass only.

Constructing Paragraphs 4e  (PDF version, revised 1-7-15)

Annick Eng B Syllabus Spring 2011

Blake Eng B Syllabus Fall 2013

Peppard Eng B Syllabus Fall 2014 

Halonen Eng B Policy Spring 2010
Halonen Eng B Schedule Spring 2010



English B Directed Learning Activities (DLAs)

Student Referral Form for DLAs

DLA: Apostrophe

DLA: Fragments

DLA: MLA Format

DLA: Past Participle

DLA: Past Tense

DLA: Run-Ons and CS

DLA: Support

DLA: Subject-Verb Agr

DLA: Topic Sentences

DLA: Transitions 


Writing Center Information for English A and B:

Cover Letter for Lab Logistics

Lab Logistics

Effective Writing Assignments

Sample Assignment Sheets

Prewriting Flyer

Textbook-based Tutorials on Grammar, Vocabulary, and Idioms

 Formatting a Document in MS Word 07



1. Using Source Materials

2. Conventions in Writing: Usage

3. How to Revise an Essay

4. Essay Writing

5. Reading and Understanding Essays

6. Parts of an Essay

7. Conventions in Writing: Grammar


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