Basic Writing

Basic Writing

English A: Writing the College Essay (Level: Precollegiate, non-transferable, degree-applicable, one level below transfer)

  • Sample Syllabi

Annick Eng A Syllabus Spring 2010

Blake Eng A Syllabus Spring 2014

Breckheimer Eng A Syllabus Spring 2010

English B: Introduction to College Writing (Level: Basic Skills, non-transferable, non degree-applicable, two levels below transfer)

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Annick Eng B Syllabus Spring 2011

Blake Eng B Syllabus Fall 2013

Peppard Eng B Syllabus Fall 2014  

Halonen Eng B Policy Spring 2010
Halonen Eng B Schedule Spring 2010



English B Directed Learning Activities (DLAs)

Student Referral Form for DLAs

DLA: Apostrophe

DLA: Fragments

DLA: MLA Format

DLA: Past Participle

DLA: Past Tense

DLA: Run-Ons and CS

DLA: Support

DLA: Subject-Verb Agr

DLA: Topic Sentences

DLA: Transitions 


Writing Center Information for English A and B:

Cover Letter for Lab Logistics

Lab Logistics

Effective Writing Assignments

Sample Assignment Sheets

Prewriting Flyer

Textbook-based Tutorials on Grammar, Vocabulary, and Idioms

 Formatting a Document in MS Word 07



1. Using Source Materials

2. Conventions in Writing: Usage

3. How to Revise an Essay

4. Essay Writing

5. Reading and Understanding Essays

6. Parts of an Essay

7. Conventions in Writing: Grammar