Planning Research and Reports

El Camino College Planning, Research and Reports

Basic Skills Institutional Research Studies

Reports conducted by Institutional Research at ECC are used to provide an accurate student profile, to assess student placement, to evaluate student success in various courses/programs, and to assess effectiveness of basic skills intervention and projects.

ECC Basic Skills Cohort Progression Tracker

Tracks student cohorts through the progression of basic skills courses in reading, writing, and math from 2008 to 2012.

El Camino College Assessment Results, 2005-2009

This report displays course placement rates for new high school graduate-aged student 17-18 entering El Camino College over 5 years.

The Basic Skills Initiative at El Camino College 2006-2010 Report

The increased visibility given to Basic Skills by the Basic Skills Initiative has served to heighten awareness of the importance of basic skills to El Camino’s mission as a community college; the goal of those involved with implementing the initiative on this campus has been to transform the El Camino College culture to a sustainable model that incorporates best practices for success of basic skills students throughout the college. This report provides highlights and details of the campus transformation process.