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Faculty Directory

Dial 310-660-3593 then enter the extension number of the instructor you are trying to reach

Full-Time Faculty

Name Extension Office Location Email Website
Baranski, John 3583 SOCS 110 jbaranski@elcamino.edu  N/A
Herrera, Xocoyotzin 3411 SOCS 107 xherrera@elcamino.edu  N/A
Herrera Thomas, Hong 3756 SOCS 110 hherrera@elcamino.edu   N/A
Suarez, Jason 3769 SOCS 115 jsuarez@elcamino.edu  N/A
Teal, Orion 3763 SOCS 108 oteal@elcamino.edu  N/A
Uribe, Sandra 3746 SOCS 108 suribe@elcamino.edu  N/A
Verge, Arthur 3759 ARTB 340C averge@elcamino.edu N/A
Walker, Daniel 3564 SOCS 107 dwalker@elcamino.edu  N/A

Part-Time Faculty

Name Voice-Mail Extension
Office Location Email Website
Arrieta, Jose 4569 ARTB 320 jarrieta@elcamino.edu  N/A
Black, Dustin 4106 ARTB 320 dblack@elcamino.edu   N/A
Fitzgerald, Sarah   ARTB 320 sfitzgerald@elcamino.edu N/A
Fraga, Michael   ARTB 320 mfraga@elcamino.edu N/A
Goldenberg, Barry   ARTB 320 bgoldenberg@elcamino.edu N/A
Hacholski, Matthew     4802 ARTB 320  mhacholski@elcamino.edu    N/A
Jaaska, Arne    ONLINE ONLY ajaaska@elcamino.edu   N/A
Melton, Jamahl 4323 ARTB 320 jmelton@elcamino.edu   N/A
Pacas, Edgar 4842 ARTB 320 epacas@elcamino.edu   N/A
Panski, Saul 2560 ARTB 320 spanski@elcamino.edu  N/A
Radcliffe, Kendahl   ONLINE ONLY kradcliffe@elcamino.edu   N/A
Resnick, Kirsten 4521 ARTB 320 kresnick@elcamino.edu  N/A
Smith, Lawrence 4803 ARTB 320 lasmith@elcamino.edu  N/A
Swendson, Paul 4315 ARTB 320 pswendson@elcamino.edu    N/A
Trausch, John   ARTB 320 jtrausch@elcamino.edu N/A