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Dial 310-660-3593 then enter the extension number of the instructor you are trying to reach

Full-Time Faculty

Name Extension Office Location Email Website
Chu, Yun 6022 ARTB 340D  
Daniel-DiGregorio, Kristie 3760 ARTB 342B  
Soden, Juli 3758 ARTB 342A  

Part-Time Faculty

Name Voice-Mail Extension Office Location Email Website
Brochet, Anna 5469 EOP & S  
Burruss, Nancilyn 4404 ARTB 320
Casas, Tisa 4762 Counseling  
Castro, Griselda 3403 SSVC 108F  
Clark, Geralin 4537 Special Resource Center  
Hoanzl, William 3276 Special Resource Center  
LaCoe, Amy 4920 ARTB 320  
Lozano, Rene 6074 SSVC 102E  
Nguyen, Hatien 4916 Counseling  
Vaughn, Dexter 3468 EOP&S  
 Last Published 6/27/16