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  • Education: Complete 8 statutorily-required college-level courses:

    The following five courses are required plus any three from the next group below:
    (RE 13) Real Estate Practice  3 units
    (RE 12A) Legal Aspects of Real Estate  3 units
    (RE 14A) Real Estate Finance I 3 units
    (RE 40) Real Estate Appraisal 3 units
    (RE 16) or (BUS 1A) Real Estate Economics or Accounting (Bus 1A)* 3 units/4 units


  • Pick THREE* from the following group:

    (RE 11) Real Estate Principles  3 units
    (Law 5) Contracts, Sales and Commercial Paper 3 units
    (RE 19) Real Property Management 3 units
    (RE 26) Principles of Escrow 3 units
    (RE 31) Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending 3 units
    (RE 14B) Advanced Real Estate Finance 3 units
    (RE 41) Advanced Real Estate Appraisal 3 units

      *If both RE16 and & BUS1A are taken, only 2 courses from the group are required.

  • Age: Must be at least 18 years old to obtain license,
  • Experience: Must be one of the following:
    2 years full-time salesperson experience within past 5 years, OR 
    1 year full-time salesperson experience in California with an Associate degree (ECC Real Estate AS degree) 
    No work experience if applicant has a four-year degree from an accredited college, or if applicant holds an LL.B. or J.D. degree or is a graduate of a law school recognized by the California State Bar. An Employment Verification Form is required.
  • Pay Licensing fee,
  • License: Pass the State Exam with 75% or more on 200 questions.
  • Must have livescan fingerprint card completed for background check.
  • Activation: License must be activated within one year from date of examination.
  • Pass the State Exam

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Last Published 12/21/16