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Counseling Appointments: (310) 660-3458

Business and Real Estate Counseling:

Mary Beth Barrios
(310) 660-3593 x3627

Real Estate Counseling:

Donna Grogan
(310) 660-3593 x3786

Legal Counseling:

Mike Botello
(310) 660-3593 x3776

Real Estate Cross Enrollment

ECC students who are eligible may cross-enroll at CSU Dominguez Hills or CSU Long Beach without formal admission and without payment of State University tuition, in a maximum of one baccalaureate - level course per semester on a space available basis. You can get more information from the ECC Admissions office or Counseling Center.

Telecommunications for the Deaf (310) 660-3445

For more information on Admissions Procedures, call (310) 538-5700

Last Published 12/21/16