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El Camino College Art Gallery is dedicated to presenting innovative exhibitions and programs that reflect the breadth and diversity of the contemporary art world. As a vital component of the academic and cultural life of El Camino College and the surrounding community of the South Bay area, El Camino College Art Gallery strives to engage widely varied audiences, to create a sense of community, and provide a place for both contemplation and stimulation, thereby encouraging discussion of art and the issues that move and shape us as individuals.


Each exhibition at El Camino College Art Gallery is organized and presented primarily for you. El Camino College Art Gallery is your visual library and laboratory where you can see, without leaving the campus, a variety of high quality contemporary artistic expressions in varied media, that examine current and relevant topics. For students taking art classes, the artwork seen at the ECC Gallery may catalyze your own creative investigation. For those of you studying art history, the ECC Art Gallery's exhibitions allow for direct viewing of art, augmenting your classroom experience of predominantly photographic reproduction of artwork. For many ECC students, the exhibitions at the college gallery may provide your first direct encounter with art in a gallery setting. The goal of all of our exhibitions and programs is to enhance the academic experience of all visitors by igniting imaginations and encouraging critical thinking.


El Camino College Art Gallery was established in 1971. We are located in the Art and Behavioral Science Building, Ground Floor, on the Redondo Beach Boulevard side of the El Camino College campus.

El Camino College Art Gallery presents 6 exhibitions each year. The exhibition space is approximately 2,500 square feet and is fully equipped with a flexible wall system and state of the art gallery lighting. In addition to our annual exhibition schedule, El Camino College Art Gallery presents artist's lectures, demonstrations and performances for students and the greater Los Angeles community. The gallery also provides a venue for outdoor installations, performances and receptions.