Music Degree Requirements


A.A. Degree

The degree provides students with a comprehensive foundation in the theory, history, and performance of music. This is achieved through a structured program of training in a variety of solo performance media, large and small ensembles, music theory and musicianship, basic vocal and keyboard skills, and the study of music history. Students will demonstrate their proficiency by analyzing, interpreting, and performing pieces of music in a variety of genres and style periods. Program assessment is measured by juried and public performances, program completion, transferability, and periodic program review.

El Camino College Major Requirements

Music Theory:
8 units from Music 3A, 3B, 3C

6 units from Music 15A, 15B

4 units from Music 31A, 31B, 31C, 31D, 32abcd

2 units from Music 18ab, 19abcd, 40abcd, 41abcd

Applied Music/Private Lessons:
4 units from Music 23abcd

minimum of six units: Music 52abcd, 53abcd, 55abcd, 57abcd, 64abcd, 65abcd, 67abcd, 68abcd, 69abcd, 70abcd, 71abcd, 72abcd

Recommended Electives:
Music 2A, 2B, 5, 8A, 8B, 20abcd, 22abcd, 30ab, 60abcd, 61abcd, 62abcd, 63abcd, 76abcd, 79abcd, 80, 81A, 81B, 90abcd, 131ab

Total Units: 30

Preparations for the Transfer Major

For information on specific university major requirements, please obtain a transfer curriculum guide sheet in the Counseling Services Center, consult with your counselor, or visit the Transfer Center. You may use the transfer major requirements to help you fulfill your associate degree requirements.