Forensics Team Team Policies


The following policies were created with you in mind. We want the speech program at El Camino to thrive, and irresponsible student behavior has in the past caused college programs to be canceled mid-year. The damage one student can do may be irreversible to the program and to your coaches. Thank you for always keeping this in mind.   

Team President

Generally, the team president will be elected by the team and will be serve a term of one year. Occasionally, the coaches may appoint the team president in the event that a clearly qualified returning student is available. The team president will also serve as Phi Rho Pi president and will represent the team at various school council meetings. In addition, the president will act as a liaison, carrying student grievances to the coaches, and may serve as a mediator between squad members who are having problems. In some cases, the president will assist the coaches in determining whether events are ready to be performed at tournaments. The president will also coordinate such things as additional practices, special meetings, and the purchase of team shirts. The president will collect the sweepstakes trophies at the local tournaments.

Team Etiquette

Whether on the road, or at ECC, we ask that you respect the privacy and property of others. Coaches’ offices are off limits unless occupied by a coach; their phones are not for student use. As long as a coach is on campus, the squad room is open for your benefit. Feel free to use it as a place to meet, study, and discuss the topics of the day. Keep it as neat and clean as possible.  Do not leave food, litter, books, paper, etc., in the squad room. Any items left in the squad room which do not belong there, may be discarded. Because anyone could walk in, do not leave valuable items in the squad room.


The forensics workshop is not a normal one-unit class. Because debate is not an individual event, people are depending on you to be at practice regularly. If you cannot make a practice it is vital that you call a coach and leave a message. Tournament invitations and directions to the tournaments will be posted on the bulletin board. You must attend the Monday and Wednesday meetings the week of each tournament to get this information. Because we must get tournament funds through a system that would make even the most avid videogame player cringe, we must decide who is going well in advance of the tournament. So let a coach know that you would like to compete and we'll evaluate your readiness. If you know ahead of time that you are unavailable on a specific weekend, let a coach know as soon as possible so alternate debate pairings can be made.

Phone List

About the second month of the semester, we will pass out a phone list. The purpose of the phone list is to make it easier for team members to communicate with each other about tournament information, debate, etc. In the past, however, phone calls to coaches have been excessive. The most commonly abused reason to call a coach has been to get another student's phone number. Never call a coach to get a phone number! You can call a coach for emergencies before a tournament, or if you had arranged to talk to that coach during the day. Never call a coach after 9:00 p.m.  

Tournament Dress

Virtually every study done on appearance indicates that it affects credibility. You may see people at tournaments who look as if they are going bowling; this will be rare, but it happens. A good rule of thumb is to dress as if you were going on a job interview—not overly formal, but not too casual. Jeans, t-shirts, or sloppy dress is not acceptable. After one or two tournaments you'll feel more comfortable deciding what to wear.

Overnight tournaments

When we attend an overnight tournament there is a curfew of 11:00 p. m. Mind and body need to be rested and sharp for competition, and it is our opinion that lack of sleep directly affects your performance. You will likely be sharing a room with several teammates, so please respect their right to get their rest. El Camino does not pay for room service, telephone calls, etc. So remember to bring some cash for these if you intend to use them.  


The El Camino forensics team will pay for entry and registration fees, transportation, and lodging. At overnight tournaments you will also receive a supplemental allowance for food during a tournament. You will need money for incidental and personal items. If you arrange to go to a tournament and fail to show up you are required to pay back the entry fees to the forensics team.


A no-show means, that for whatever reason, you failed to go to one of your scheduled rounds. A no-show says to the judge that you don't care. It is likely he or she will remember your code and feel negative towards ECC competitors in general. In other words, a no-show affects the entire team and your coaches strongly frown on this behavior. If you have any physical problem, find your coach immediately and discuss it. A no-show at any tournament may jeopardize your standing on the team. Call us as soon as you know that you are going to miss a tournament.


If you leave for a tournament from El Camino, ECC insurance requires that you are a designated driver (meaning you have completed a course in driver's safety and have been approved by the proper authorities), or that you are riding with a designated driver. You are required to provide transportation to El Camino prior to the tournament, and from El Camino after the tournament. We, and the State of California, require that you wear a seatbelt when traveling to and from an El Camino College sponsored event.


Individual attitude affects the entire team. It is essential that you get along with the coaches and your teammates. If you are a team player, if you work hard, if you act like an adult, and if you respect authority, you probably be fine. Insubordinate behavior however, is grounds for dismissal.


Using illegal drugs will result in immediate dismissal from the team.