Radiologic Technology Faculty

Radiologic Technology Faculty

Director: Dawn N. Charman, M.Ed., R.T

Office: MBA 417D
Faculty Web Page:
Email: (for student emails) 
Phone: (310) 660-3593 ext 3247

Clinical Coordinator: Colleen McFaul, M.Ed.R.T. 

Office : MBA 433  
Faculty Web Page:   
Phone: (310) 660-3593  ext 5901

Full Time: Eric Villa, B.S.R.T. 

Office : MBA 431  
Faculty Web Page: 
Phone: (310) 660-3593  ext 3030

Clinical Educators & Part-Time Faculty

Sivi Carson, B.S., R.T.          Arshad Fazalbhoy, B.S., R.T.           Naveed Hussain, B.S.,R.T.               

Valentino Lopez,  RT            Rosa Luna  RT                                 Sofi Shrestha, B.S.R.T

Alex Felix, RT                      Jeff Bradshaw, RT                            Michele Perez, M.S.,R.T

Rafael Torres, B.S.,RT

Please refer to the facutly web pages for current office hours.
Radiology Course Information is located on Canvas.