Radiologic Technology Application Procedure

for the Radiologic Technology Program

El Camino College Division of Health Sciences and Athletics 

The Rad Tech Application period for Spring 2018

is May 29 to June 21, 2018


You must have completed all courses on list to file an application.

  1. If you have already completed all of the classes prior to the end of the Spring 2018 semester (6/8/18), then make your appointment with the counselors between May 29 – June 7, 2018
  2. If you have any classes in progress for Spring 2018, then make your appointment between June 18 to June 21.

2018 Application Office hours appointments for Counselors

 Spring 2018  Application Information - Please click below:


2018 Application Instructions Packet

2018 Application Checklist


Please read all of the information carefully, and follow the instructions in the application packet information.

To complete the application process, once the appliction is filed with the counselor, the applicant must send an email to the Program Director confirming an application has been filed.  Please see instructions in the Application Packet Information.

Points for Observation Hours have been eliminated - due to the limited avaliable hospitals to do observation hours.

All requred courses on page 2 must be completed, and a grade posted at the time the application is filed with the counselor. No inprogress courses are allowed on page 2.

Counselors for Application Information 2018

2018 Application Office hours appointments for Counselors

  • Kelsey Iino
  • Janice Pon-Ishikawa
  • Chris Jeffries
  • Stephanie Bennett

File the Application

To file the application, you must visit a counselor during the appointment times available above

Please do not mail in applications to the Counseling Department or the Radiologic Technology Program Director.

Information about Starting the Program

 There is mandatory attendance required for applicants who are provisionally accepted into the Fall 2018 Class for 2 orientation sessions during the summer.

  • The Orientation dates for SUMMER 2018 are scheduled for
    • 1) Mon -  July 16 at 2:00 pm in MBA 401  &  (the top 35 Applicants should attend)
    • 2) Wed - Aug 15 at 2:00 pm in MBA 401       (25 Selected Students for Fall 2018 attend)
  • You must attend BOTH Orientations to be accepted into the program
  • The Radiologic Technology Program begins a new class of students once each year, beginning in the FALL SEMESTER
  • ALL pre-requisite courses listed  on the Course Evaluation List must be COMPLETED prior to filing an application to the Program
  • The number of students selected each year is based on the availability of positions at the clinical sites and is subject to change from year to year.

Please review ALL of the information on the left side links. If you have further questions please review the  Questions link on the left side or send an email to

Transfer Courses

RTEC-A course is a pre-requisite for the RT Program and must be completed at El Camino College. Introductory courses taken at other institutions will not be considered for transfer, but may be considered towards additional points on the application - see application instructions for details

  • Note:  If you have taken and passed Radiologic Technology courses from other programs, then you should arrange to meet with the Program Director to check your eligibility for enrollment and filing an application to the ECC Radiologic Technology Program.  You may be able to receive credit for some courses,  or may you still be required to complete all pre-requisite courses including RTEC-A Intro to Radiology. This is evaluated on a case by case basis.   You will be required to submit  a letter of recommendation from the Program Director of the other school, that you left in "good standing", with a grade of B or better in the Radiograpy Program courses taken at the other school. 

When Filing an Application

  • Take the R.T. course evaluation form and application form along with your transcripts with you to the appointment with the counselor.  Any officical transcripts from other colleges must be mailed directly to the Admissions office.  Hand carried transcripts are not considered "offical transcripts".  Do not mail transcripts to the Radiologic Technology Program office.

  • The ECC counselors can check your previous course work for articulation with the ECC A.S. degree requirements.

  • If courses the general education courses were taken at another college, the counselor can evaluate for articulation

  • Read the other links on the left side for additional information.


Please email

Dawn Charman , M.Ed., R.T.
Office:  MBA 417 D (In Health Sciences Office)
Phone: 310-660-3593 ext 3247

Colleen McFaul, M.Ed., RT
Office:  MBA 433
Phone: 310-660-3593  x5901