Application Process - Respiratory Care


Admission Information

Prof. Roy Mekaru RRT MHA / Program Director


Applications can be turned in from March 26, 2018 to April 5, 2018.

You must complete the following steps to qualify for admission to the clinical phase of the respiratory care program

  1. Read all files and complete all forms, put together and submit to one of the DESIGNATED COUNSELORS in the Counseling Office by end of the application period. The application period will be Announced (Contact Prof. Mekaru for the list of designated counselors.)

  2. The coursework portion of the application must be reviewed by a DESIGNATED COUNSELOR prior to submission of application. All required coursework must be completed by the last day of the Spring 2017 semester as listed in the college catalog. Use " IP" to indicate spring 2017 in progress courses.

  3. You must submit the completed physical exam portion of the application showing that you have had the required lab work and physical exam performed by a qualified health care practitioner (preferably M.D.) and that you are physically and mentally ready for work in health care settings providing respiratory care.

  4. You must submit the online background check portion of the application showing the information to access your account & print out of current report on your background.

  5. You must read the county health clearance certification instructions and complete the parts of the form required and submit form with your application package.

If the above steps are completed and satisfactory, then you will be notified via the web that you are eligible for the last step in the admission process (Livescan fingerprinting background check) before you can enter the clinical class of RC-176 Summer 2018:

  1. You will be notified by email with  and instructed  to report to one of our clinical affiliates in order to undergo a fingerprint livescan national background check. This will most likely take place before and in some cases after the summer session starts, announcements will be made via the web. Make sure your application has your current email, cell phone and home number information so you can be contacted if needed, however it is your responsibility to visit the website for update information and announcements.

Notices regarding the above will be posted in the RC lab and on the RC Program website on the web, it is your responsibility to stay informed about these policies, deadlines and assignments for background screenings at various hospital locations.*

Only after you have successfully completed all of the above steps will your application be complete and accepted for the Summer 2018 RC-176 class. Notification of those accepted will not be possible until at least the end of the Spring semester. Please DO NOT go to Health Sciences and Athletics division office and ask secretaries about admission, applications, etc., they cannot answer any questions about your application or admission; call, text or email me( ) if you have any questions or problems at 310-678-3914. Prof. Roy

*To be announced or posted, do not try to contact, we must schedule you for livescan.


 Please download forms, complete and submit to one of our designated counselors


Application Forms

Form 1 - Application Form

Form 2 - Physical Exam Form

Form 3 - Hepatitis Form

Form 4 - Background Check

 Form 5 - E2 PrePlacement - Non County


 Respiratory Care Application Spring 2018 Counseling Hours