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English B Consistency Project



The English B Consistency Project was designed to increase student success through faculty collaboration in addressing the challenges of adhering to the official course outline and applying consistent standards of rigor and assessment.  Faculty worked together to identify common practices, to address areas of inconsistency, to design a common assessment tool for the English B SLO-aligned assessment instrument, and to highlight issues for follow up in the Course Review process. The first workshop, held on March 7, 2014, included rubric review, SLO-aligned assignment criteria review, and practice norming of sample English B essays.  Both Compton and adjunct faculty are included in all workshops.  The project is currently in progress and will be followed by both the English B SLO assessment and English B Course Review in the fall of 2014.



Spring 2014 Documents

English B Consistency Workshop Minutes (March 7, 2014)









 Last Published 4/7/14