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The Union: The student newspaper of El Camino College

The Union actually began as the Warwhoop 60 years ago and was the campus newspaper before El Camino had a campus! It was written by the students who came to college-level courses after the high school classes at Lawndale and Leuzinger high schools let out for the day, and was printed at Redondo Union High School.

Once the campus was founded near Alondra Park, the journalism students had plenty to write about. So the college newspaper is actually a year older than the college campus itself. The Warwhoop name died in the late '90s, when the college mascot, the Indian Warrior, was dropped; teams are now generic "Warriors," so the Warwhoop, associated with an Indian battle cry, was no longer appropriate. A student election determined the new name of the college newspaper.

It is published nine times during each semester by students who have completed the Journalism 1 courses with a C or better. Photos are taken by the photojournalism students using digital cameras. Students e-mail their assignments in to the page editors, who assemble their pages and send them electronically to the printing plant every Wednesday night at 9 p.m.

Next fall, stories will go first to the web edition, and beginning Oct. 15, updates will appear on the web edtiion for sports scores and campus events. But the print edition will come out each Thursday as usual.

Students apply for editors' positions; those who have taken the Journalism 3 class, advanced, reporting and and editing, are eligible. Once an editor is selected, he/she chooses the rest of the editorial board. That board meets twice weekly. The advisers have no vote on the editorial board, which is the group that selects content for each issue, creates the editorial pages, and writes the two editorials, based on the vote of the board. Students write the stories, edit the copy, and design the pages. Advisers critique the newspaper once it is published, and post their comments in the staff room, C109.

If editors want feedback on work before the paper comes out, they may ask for it, but it is up to each editor. The editor in chief is the final person who reads the pages and corrects any problems before he/she sends the paper to the printer.

The staff attends workshops and enters competitions each semester. Next fall, the group will go to Washington, D.C. for a national conference, and will compete at a regional event at Cal State Fullerton.

Students on the college newspaper also have internship opportunities, and this spring three are working at local newspapers; one is at a radio station and one is at KABC-TV. Two have received journalism scholarships and one is a finalist for another scholarship at Cal State Fullerton.

This just in: The California Newspaper Publishers Association honored the El Camino College Newspaper with one of its top awards. The paper is among the top six in the state in community college competition.

Editor of the honored publication is Jeremiah Dobruck.


 The Union newspaper, El Camino College May 3, 2007

May 3, 2007

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