Professor Ray Lewis


AJ-100 Introduction to Criminal Justice System

The objective of this course includes providing the student with an overview of the criminal justice system and its various components. The course will also provide the student with an understanding of available career options within the criminal justice system's public sector as well as related fields in the private sector. After successfully completing this course, students will have a better base of knowledge from which to make career and academic choices in criminal justice.

AJ-130 Principles of the Justice System (Criminal Procedures)

This course deals with the underlying concepts of the Criminal Justice system's "Criminal Procedures" with special emphasis on California's criminal courts system. A framework is established with a review of constitutional law, particularly with the bill of rights, criminal justice common law concepts and its English and Roman legal heritage. Beginning with the crime, an investigation and an arrest, a case study will be followed thought the system culminating in a mock trial. An emphasis is on student participation in classroom exercises that are designed to illustrate lesson points in the text and lectures given by the instructor. Applicable rules and procedures as they apply to this process will be studied and practiced.

AJ-131 Criminal Evidence

This course is an overview of the rules of criminal evidence and how they apply to police investigations and criminal prosecutions. various rules of law including, constitutional law and case decisions, will be studied in the context of their applicability at the crime scene and in court.

AJ-135 Introduction to Police Report Writing (Powerpoint Presentation)

The purpose of this course is to provide the student of police report writing with an overview of report writing methods, techniques and concepts. The student will gain an understanding of police report writing and preliminary investigation methods.


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