Career & Technical Education Teacher Pipeline (CTETP)

Teacher Preparation Pipeline (TPP) Program



The Teacher Preparation Pipeline program at El Camino College is one of ten such programs funded by a California Community College's Chancellor's Office grant. These programs establish pipelines to offer preparation for career technical training in various high-demand Career and Technical Education (CTE) industry sectors, while continuing to provide academic preparation in a real world, experiential learning context. Projects have a regional focus and use a phased or sequenced approach that is responsive to local and regional labor market demands. 

The latest emphasis has been on addressing the critical need in California for teachers with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) backgrounds. California’s demand for new math and science teachers in the next 10 years is expected to exceed 33,000, far surpassing the number of STEM teachers that the state is expected to produce. In addition, an estimated 51,500 openings for elementary school teachers and 31,100 jobs for secondary school teachers will occur statewide between 2010 and 2020. Despite the increased need for new teachers, fewer college students are choosing careers as teachers. 



Would you like a pre-service, paid experience in a middle school, high school or college science, technology, engineering or math classroom? Currently the TPP has placed interns in classrooms at El Camino and local high schools.

Here are some comments from recent student essays:

  • After spending a semester with a Welding professor, one student wrote: "I will give every class and every professor my undivided attention from this point forward, because of the dedication and passion invested in their work."
  • From a Fire Tech intern: "The experience is beyond what the book tells you, it is not something you can learn just by reading words. In my opinion, experience is necessary for the professor to have when teaching a technical subject."
  • An HVAC intern wrote: "Giving lecture was significantly more challenging than assisting with lab instruction, however I found it to be equally rewarding."
  • A teacher intern from Automotive Repair wrote: "The gifted teacher is never too busy to answer student's questions or to support them in their personal automotive projects."

Obtaining the Designated Subject Teaching Credential

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