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The CTETP placed interns in classrooms here at ECC and at local high schools, including Hawthorne High School.

Here are some comments from recent student essays:

After spending a semester with a Welding professor, one student wrote: "I will give every class and every professor my undivided attention from this point forward, because of the dedication and passion invested in their work."

An HVAC teacher intern wrote, "Giving lecture was significantly more challenging than assisting with lab instruction, however I found it to be equally rewarding."

From a Fire Tech intern, "The experience is beyond what the book tells you, it is not something you can learn just by reading words.  In my opinion, experience is necessary for the professor to have when teaching a technical subject."

A teacher intern from Automotive Repair wrote, "The gifted teacher is never too busy to answer student's questions or to support them in their personal automotive projects."



Richard Nicholson <> assisted community members who were interested in obtaining their Designated Subjects Teaching Credential.  Here are for of their stories:

 1. Chase was attending a community college program in the area of woodworking when he heard the presentation regarding the Designated Subjects teaching credential. He was working as a cabinetmaker and happy with his position. At the suggestion of our Teacher Pipeline program, he toured and visited different high school woodworking programs. Teacher Pipeline program hosts school visits so “future teachers” know what teaching is like.

 Chase attended workshops for woodworking teachers. He was not confident that he could be a teacher. Then he got married. So now he decided that he wanted to move into a better occupation and be a woodworking teacher at the high school level. He applied for the Designated Subjects teaching credential, and he was issued the credential,

 A teacher contacted Teacher Pipeline about an opening because a teacher was leaving the school. We visited and Chase applied for the woodworking job at Diamond Bar high school. After counseling and assisting him regarding interview and resume development he is now teaching woodworking. As a new teacher, he is networked with others to be successful. Our program has visited him and provided resources.

 2. Approximately 3 years ago. Georgie attended a workshop held at El Camino College, on how to obtain a teaching credential. She wanted to teach computers to elementary school students. We talked about the “path” to a “Multiple Subjects/elementary” teaching credential, and also a Career Technical Education, Designated Subjects credential for teaching high school or adults.

 In early 2014, she reconnected with the Teacher Pipeline program regarding wanting to teach high school “information technology” (Computers). Consultation regarding the teaching credential and her qualifications were discussed. She applied for the teaching credential and will be receiving it. She is very excited about this new opportunity to teach and share her career with others. She is starting to contact school districts for possible teaching positions. She really appreciates the assistance of our program.

 3. Doug has been part of a disability career counseling program. He has been unemployed for approximately 5 years due to a physical disability. He found out about the Teacher Pipeline program and attended a Designated Subjects teaching credential workshop.

 After additional consultation, and evaluation of his “work experience”, he decided to explore the area of teaching drafting to high school students. As part of our program, he was encouraged to be part of a group of future teachers to tour other industrial technology programs. He decided that teaching would be a good alternative for him especially with his physical disability.

 He applied for the credential. He has received his credential. He called us the day he got his credential. He is now attending teacher networking opportunities and workshops. He is watching for openings in the area of teaching Drafting and Engineering at a local high school. He is very enthused about the possibility of being a high school teacher. He has a much higher self image.His disability counselor is very happy to see him moving from the disabled role to being employed.

 4. A drafting teacher at Cleveland high school in the Los Angeles unified school District contacted our office about his pending retirement. He had a past student, Boris, who he wanted to assist in getting a teaching credential, and take his place as teacher (he had been an outstanding student at Cleveland High).

 Consultation was provided and Boris was encouraged to apply for a teaching credential. He applied, received the credential, and started the interviewing process for a drafting teacher position. There was a one-year delay in replacing the retiring drafting teacher but Boris kept in contact with the school.

 As the school was reorganizing their industrial technology department they contacted Boris and he interviewed for the teaching position. He was given the Drafting teacher position and his retiring teacher and friend is assisting him in setting up the program. Boris is now involved in the leadership training of his students through SKILLS-USA. He has taught for two years. He will develop into a leader in our field of Career Technical Education.



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What do CTE instructors teach?

Available subject areas include such El Camino College Industry & Technology departments including:

Automotive Collision Repair/Painting, Automotive Technology, Computer Aided Design & Drafting, Construction Technology, Cosmetology, Electronics & Computer Technology, Fashion, Machine Technology, and many other areas.



California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

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What is CTE? How much can I make with a certificate


For more information, through June 2014 contact:

John L Weitzel, Coordinator
310-660-3593 x3609


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