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General Information

El Camino College’s paramedic training program is a cooperative joint program between the college and the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, Emergency Medical Services Agency, Paramedic Training Institute (PTI). Classroom instruction occurs at PTI, hospital clinical rounds are done at local area hospitals and field internships are done at a select few area fire departments.

Mission Statement

To provide paramedic students with the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective skills necessary to provide the highest quality care to patients in the pre-hospital setting.

Training Philosophy

In addition to providing the highest quality pre-hospital education available, PTI emphasis is on personal and professional growth, integrity and professionalism. PTI provides the student multiple small group sessions, simulations, skills practice and one-on-one training during didactic instruction. It is our intention to graduate the most qualified and professional paramedics.

Course Description

The Los Angeles County Paramedic Training Institute is a division of the Emergency Medical Services Agency. This EMT-P training program is a collaborative effort between the highly qualified, full-time staff of PTI and El Camino Community College. This comprehensive 6-month program meets the requirements of the California Code of Regulations, Title 22. The program is based on the most current National Standard Curriculum. Four full-time classes are held per year, starting the first full week of January, April, July and October. This is a full-time program lasting 6 months. The first approximate 13 weeks (didactic) are held in classrooms located at PTI. The next 4 weeks (clinical) are held at local area hospitals. The final 8-12 weeks (internship) are held at a local fire station. Minimum program hours include:

Lecture/Lab                            450 hours

Hospital based clinical              160 hours

Field internship                            480 hours (may be extended to 720 hours)

                                               1090 hours


 In order to be eligible for the Paramedic program, students must have met the following requirements:

1.     APPLICATION: Complete all pages of the Paramedic Training Application. Once accepted, applications will remain active for two years. If your phone number or address changes, or if you want your application removed from the waiting list for any reason, please call (562)-347-1575

2.     EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN: Provide verification of Emergency Medical Technician-1 certification within the past 12 months. EMT-I certification must also include the expanded scope of practice. Candidate must be prepared for required background check and fingerprinting which is done by the L.A. County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency, EMT certification unit. Questions regarding certification, recertification or background checks can be answered by calling the EMS Agency directly at (562) 347-1500. 

3.     EXPERIENCE VERIFICATION: Prior verification of 6 months recent experience as an EMT-1 in a pre-hospital setting within the past year. This letter must have an original ink signature and be on company letterhead with dates of service. The letter must include approximate number of shifts worked per month and the approximate number of responses per shift. The work experience time frame must be ‘full-time equivalent’ (960 hours). Six months of full-time work experience, one year part-time experience or volunteer work and verification of good standing with the employer generally meets the requirements.

4.     MEDICAL EXAM: Prior to entering paramedic training, applicants must show proof a medical exam within the last 12 months. This exam must meet the requirements spelled out in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1582. For your convenience, the college has a contract with an outside medical center ( currently US Healthworks) that conducts the medical exam for a reasonable fee. This is a Health & Safety code requirement. If you are currently a full-time student at El Camino College, the student health center will provide the exam for a small fee.

5.     REFERENCES: Three letters of character references. One may be from a co-worker or supervisor.

6.     IMMUNIZATIONS: Three immunizations are required. These are OSHA requirements. You need to furnish proof of:

Hepatitis B vaccine/immunity. If the Hepatitis B vaccine/immunity series has been started, but has not yet been completed, proof that you have started the series (1st shot) must be provided when the application is submitted.

Rubella immunization. If your MMR immunization was prior to 1972, you will need a booster shot. Applicant’s titer test must show immunity.

Tuberculosis. Will need a negative TB test within six months of the beginning of the paramedic training session to which you are admitted.

Varicella. Will need to show proof of immunization and titers

7.     DRIVERS LICENSE: Possession of a valid California Driver’s License (Class C). A photocopy of the driver’s license must be submitted with the application.

8.     DIPLOMA: Proof of high school graduation (diploma or transcripts) or G.E.D.

9.     FIRE ACADEMY: Proof of completion of a California State Fire Marshal approved basic fire academy, or possession of a California State Firefighter 1 certificate. Certificate must be presented at time of filing of application.

10.  ORIENTATION: Attendance at an 8 hour orientation class at PTI, approximately 4 weeks prior to the start of class is mandatory.

11.  PTI PREP DAYS: It is strongly suggested that you attend one or both of two 8-hour prep days, at PTI held approximately 10 -14 days prior to the start of the class you will be attending.

NOTE: It is recommended that students attend Fire Technology 128, Paramedic Prep. This is an intense, 8 day (64 hour) paramedic training pre-class which covers material that students typically have difficulty with in the didactic portion of paramedic school. This 3-unit El Camino course is taught by UCLA faculty at Daniel Freeman/UCLA Medical Center in Inglewood. Current cost is approximately $600.00. There are 5 pre-classes a year, timed to start approximately 4-6 weeks prior to PTI’s start dates. The class meets 2 times a week, usually on Wednesdays and Saturday for one month. Three (3) units of college credit are given applicable to the A.S. Degree in Paramedical Sciences , and are CSU transferrable, from El Camino College. Registration and fees are handled directly by the UCLA Center for Pre-Hospital Care. They can be contacted at (310) 680-1100. The web address is

What is the duration of Paramedic Training?

A FULL-TIME program is offered at Paramedic Training Institute with four sessions offered per year. Each session takes approximately 6 months to complete. Paramedic Training Institute does not offer a Part-Time program.

Once accepted into the program, you will register for and complete the following courses:


            FIRE TECHNOLOGY 130       (Basic Prehospital Care Principles)2.0

            FIRE TECHNOLOGY 131       (Field Assessing and Reporting)1.5

            FIRE TECHNOLOGY 132       (Prehospital Care Pharmacology)1.5      

            FIRE TECHNOLOGY 133       (Basic and Advanced Life Support)6.5

            FIRE TECHNOLOGY 134       (Medical Emergencies)4.0      

            FIRE TECHNOLOGY 135       (Traumatic Emergencies)2.0                              

            FIRE TECHNOLOGY 136       (Special Patient Emergencies)2.0

            FIRE TECHNOLOGY 137       (EMS/Legal Aspects/Documentation)2.0

            FIRE TECHNOLOGY 138       (Paramedic Clinical Internship)3.0

            FIRE TECHNOLOGY 139       (Paramedic Field Internship)8.5

                                                                                    TOTAL UNITS33


The Paramedic Training program is divided into THREE phases:

1.     CLASSROOM – Fire and Emergency Technology 130 through 137

This portion of the Full-Time training takes place at the Paramedic Training Institute and will take approximately 13 weeks to complete. This is a 7am to 4pm, 5 days a week schedule. PTI is currently located at:


10100 Pioneer Boulevard, Suite 200

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

2.     CLINCAL INTERNSHIP – Fire and Emergency Technology 138

The student will be assigned to two hospitals (one private, one public) in Los Angeles County for approximately 4 weeks. Students will spend most of their time in the Emergency Department, with some rotations to observe in specialty units during both didactic and clinical phases of training. Students will work a 40-hour week, with rotating 8-hour shifts, including weekends, beginning no earlier than 6 AM or ending past 12 midnight.

3.     FIELD INTERNSHIP – Fire and Emergency Technology 139

Students will ride along as a field intern/trainee with a municipal fire department paramedic unit staffed with two licensed preceptor paramedics for a minimum of 8 weeks. A minimum of TWENTY, 24 hours shifts (480 hours) is required to complete the program and if a student is having difficulty they may be extended up to THIRTY, 24 hour shifts (720 hours). If after 720 hours of field internship is completed and the student is still having difficulty, they will be dismissed from the program.

What is the cost of Paramedic Training?

Student costs are listed below:


Textbooks & Supplies: $885.00 – NON-REFUNDABLE! Due 14 prior to the day of orientation. This fee is paid directly to PTI. Personal checks will not be accepted by PTI. This fee must be paid by certified check or money order made payable to “Los Angeles County”. Fees paid directly to PTI are subject to change.

Miscellaneous Fees and Costs:

During your attendance at Paramedic Training Institute, you can expect additional costs such as: State application fee, fingerprints (Department of Justice processing), National Registry Application, State License fee, etc. Total is approximately $400.00.


Registration fees: $858.50. Students are enrolled in 33 college units currently at $46.00 a unit (if you are a California resident) plus .50 cents (student service fee), due during the first week of class. Registration fees are collected by the ECC Paramedic Program coordinator who does an on-site registration and fee collection visit during the first week of didactic. You will be notified when he is coming to PTI.

Total costs are approximately $2000.00, not including food, transportation or lodging.

What is the selection process?

When you turn in your application, it will be reviewed to see that you have met all the requirements. If your application is complete, your name will be placed on the applicant list. All requirements must be met before you may enter PTI. Your name may be placed on the list with a completed application and proof of fire academy completion. All other requirements may be completed while you are on the waiting list. The suggested preparation class is not required for your name to be placed on the list. Applicants will be accepted into the program in the order in which their name appears on the applicant list.

When you are accepted into the program:

A letter will be sent stating that you have been accepted into the program. You will be required to attend a MANDATORY one-day orientation meeting approximately 3-4 weeks before the class starts. You will be required to pay for your textbooks and supplies two weeks prior to the orientation date. This is a non-refundable fee (paid directly to PTI). You will register for the Paramedic program during the 1st week of class and will be required to pay tuition at that time. Pre-registration prior to the beginning of class is not allowed. You will be required to attend two, eight hour prep days at PTI, between the orientation date and class start date.

If I drop the Paramedic Program, will I receive a refund?

If you drop the program during the first week of the session you will receive a FULL REFUND of your registration fees. To receive a refund, you will need to contact the Cashier’s Office on the Torrance campus by the end of the first week of the session. If you drop the second week, yet before clinical and internship portions of the program begins, you will be eligible for an enrollment fee refund from El Camino College for the clinical and internship classes (11.5units). You will owe for didactic tuition, which is 21.5 units, and be eligible for a clinical/internship refund which is 11.5 units. In order to receive a refund, you must go to the Cashier’s Office located in the southeast corner of the Bookstore Building, ground level.

The $885.00 textbook and supply fee paid directly to PTI is non-refundable. This is applicable even if for some reason you are unable to attend the orientation session or any of the classroom instruction.

If I am unable to complete the Paramedic Program, will I receive units for the portion of the program that I completed?

You will receive unit values for the classes that you did complete.

If I am unable to complete the Paramedic Program but wish to complete it another time, can the units that I earned from my previous classes be carried over?

No. You will need to re-apply and begin the process all over again.

Are uniforms required?

Yes. Currently employed (full-time, permanent) public safety personnel may wear their daily departmental work uniform. All others shall wear an approved El Camino Paramedic Training light blue uniform work shirt with dark blue pants. Specific details will be handled at the orientation meeting at PTI.

What do I receive after successfully completing Paramedic Training?

You will be eligible for licensing as a Paramedic in the State of California. Licensing will involve completing the required testing procedures through the State of California. Licensing is subject to H&S Code, Section 1798.200 restrictions. Once you become a licensed Paramedic, you will be eligible for employment with local, county, state, or federal government emergency provider agencies or with private medical providers such as hospitals and ambulance companies.

You will also receive 33 units of college credit through El Camino College. These units are transferable to other colleges and the UC/CSU system. You will be eligible for an Associate in Science Degree in Paramedical Technician through El Camino College.

Are Paramedic students eligible for Financial Aid?

El Camino College is a fully accredited college. The Paramedic Program has been approved by the State Chancellors office. Students enrolled in the Paramedic Program are eligible for financial aid at this time. Some students are eligible for a BOGG fee waiver (Board of Governor’s Grant). The BOGG award is a full waiver of El Camino College enrollment fees. BOGG waivers do not apply to the fees paid directly to PTI. Some financial aid programs do cover these fees. To determine eligibility, contact the Financial Aid office at (310) 660-3493. To apply, complete the BOGG application available in the schedule of classes’ book.

Program Acceptance Policy: There are 2 possible ways of entrance into the Paramedic Training program.

A.             Fire Agency Sponsorship:

1.     Objective – To provide public paramedic provider agencies an avenue for training personnel to fill vacant

EMT-P positions, thereby meeting the needs of their communities.

2.     Definition – A paramedic provider fire agency requests entrance into the program for their employee. The agency will be paying the employee to attend the training program, will pay the costs of the program, tuition, fees, etc. and provide liability/worker’s compensation insurance.

3.     Session Placement – The public fire agency contacts PTI directly to reserve a spot.

a.     Prior to the specific session orientation date, the public agency will request the number of reservations.

b.     If the training program is unable to accommodate the request for positions, the public fire agency will be notified as soon as possible.

B.           Private Student:

1.     Objective – To provide the individual student that meets the entrance requirements with an avenue to attain paramedic licensure.

2.     Definition – The candidate will pay all fees and El Camino College will provide insurance.

a.     Candidate’s complete application is to be sent to Paramedic Training Institute.

b.     Candidate is to submit a letter from current employer. The letter content should include dates of employment, job description, and standing with the employer.

c.     Candidate is to have completed a Fire Academy program.

d.     Candidate must provide three letters of character references.

e.     Upon receipt, the packet will be reviewed and the candidate will be placed on the waiting list.

DEFERRALS:  Students will be called to attend the next upcoming class when their name nears the top of the list. If an applicant is notified that their name has come up to attend the next class and they are unable to attend for whatever reason, they will be allowed to defer one time to the next class. Many prerequisites items needed to attend PTI are time sensitive. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all required certifications, immunizations, etc. are kept current through the completion of the paramedic school. It is the goal of both El Camino College and PTI to place the student in a session as soon as possible after they submit their applications. Repeated deferrals are not good for either the student or the college.

STUDENT STRUCTURE: Currently PTI runs four, 25 student classes per year. Some classes may be either slightly larger or smaller depending upon several factors. Local municipal fire departments receive the available seats in each class and El Camino receives 4 seats.


Once you have read and fully understand the program requirements, complete a Paramedic Training Program Application. These applications may be obtained in one of two ways:

1.     Go to, click on Paramedic Training, then go to El Camino application, download, fill out and return the application.

2.     Go to El Camino College, Division of Industry & Technology, Technical Arts Building, Rm 102 and pick up an application or call (310) 660-3600 or (310) 660 3593 X6589 and one will be mailed to you.

Once your application has been completed, please do the following:

            Hand deliver, fax or mail the copy of your application to:

            Michele Hanley, Paramedic Program Director

            L.A. County EMS Agency, Paramedic Training Institute

            10100 Pioneer Boulevard, Suite 200

            Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

            Fax: (562) 941-5835 if you fax, be sure to put ‘Attention: Paramedic Training Application’.

El Camino College does not accept Paramedic Training applications. If you would like to know the status of your application or your position on the wait list, please email Mark Ferguson at

In order to get your name on the waiting list, all you need to do initially is submit a completed application and a copy of your fire academy or California FF1 certificate. All other information may be submitted at a later date. You may be working toward the completion of your minimum work experience requirement during this time. It is strongly advised that you initially submit a complete application packet as soon as possible to ensure all requirements are met.

If you have further questions, you may contact:

Kevin Huben by calling

(310) 660-3593 X3619 or emailing him at

or Michele Hanley at


 Last Published 3/27/15