English Proficiency

English Proficiency

Classes are conducted in English, so it is necessary for the prospective F-1 visa student to be reasonably proficient in reading, writing and speaking English. New students must demonstrate proficiency before being issued the I-20 by having official TOEFL scores, which are not more than two years old, sent to the International Student Program office. A minimum TOEFL score of 133 (Computer Based Test), 450 (Paper Based Test), or 45 (Internet Based Test) is required (www.ets.org).

The TOEFL test is not required if a student:

  1. Has the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test score of 4.5 or higher (recognized as an entrance requirement by U.S., Canadian, British, Irish, Australian, and New Zealand universities) (www.ielts.org).
  2. Has a TOEIC score of 620 or higher (www.ets.org).
  3. Has the EIKEN (STEP) test score of 2a or higher (test offered by Japanese high schools and universities) (www.eiken-ryugaku.com).
  4. Completed level 109 or higher at ELS centers in the US or overseas (www.els.com).
  5. Completed level 5 or higher at ASPECT schools (www.aspectworld.com).
  6. Completed level 5 or higher at LSI schools (www.languagesystems.com).
  7. Completed level B2-3 or higher at EF schools (www.ef.com)
  8. Completed level 6 or higher at GEOS schools (www.geosla.net).
  9. Completed level 107 or higher at YBM language Centers (Korea) (www.ybm.co.kr).
  10. Completed level 4 or higher at Cal. State University Long Beach, ALI (www.uces.csulb.edu/ALI/Home/Home.aspx).
  11. Completed level 14 or higher at FLS schools (www.fls.net).
  12. Completed highest level at AOI schools (www.aoicollege.com).
  13. Completed highest level at Mentor Language Institute (www.mentoresl.net).
  14. Completed level 6 at American English College (AEC) (www.aec.edu).
  15. Is a resident and studied in an English speaking country.
  16. Completed a degree in American/British/Canadian High School in a non-English speaking country.
  17. Completed "O" or "A" levels in a former British colony (e.g. Singapore).
  18. Submitted a letter stating that "English was the primary language os his/her instruction: on the school's letterhead.
  19. Studied English language as an exchange student for at least two semesters in one of the US schools and achieved grade "C" or higher.
  20. Is transferring directly from an academic program at a U.S. college or university.

Information about English proficiency tests and registration forms may be obtained on the Internet, at American, Australian, or British embassies and consulates, offices of the U.S. Information Service (USIS), U.S. educational commissions and foundations, and U.S. sponsored learning institutions. Students may also write directly to the Educational Testing Service for information and forms at:

The El Camino College code for the TOEFL and other tests is 4302.

Standard Placement Exams

All new students will also take the English Department's Placement Test to determine placement in ESL or English classes. Placement Testing is part of the orientation schedule, but students who wish to take the placement tests before orientation may do so by contacting the International Student Program office for testing information. Students who have scored above 600 (PBT), 250 (CBT), or 100 (IBT) on the TOEFL, or whose native language is English, will take the English Placement Test.