English Proficiency
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English Proficiency

International students must be reasonably proficient in reading, writing and speaking English in order to benefit from instruction at the college level. Students from non-English speaking countries will either need to provide proof of sufficient language skills, or attend the intensive English program here at El Camino. New students may demonstrate their English language proficiency by submitting passing TOEFL scores, IELTS scores, or any of the below accepted forms of proof to the ISP office. The El Camino College code for the TOEFL and other tests is 4302.

English Proficiency Passing Test Scores

Test Passing Score
TOEFL 45-IBT, 450-Paper (www.ets.org/toefl)
IELTS 4.5 or higher (www.ielts.org)
TOEIC 620 or higher (www.ets.org)
EIKEN 2a or higher (www.eiken-ryugaku.com)
iTEP 44 or higher (www.iTEPexam.com)

**Test scores must be recent (no more than 2 years old).

English Language School Passing Levels

School Passing Level
ECLA Completed level 3 (www.elcamino.edu/academics/langacad)
LSI Level 5 or higher (www.languagesystems.com)
ELS Level 109 or higher (www.els.com)
ASPECT Level 5 (www.aspectworld.com)
EF B2-3 or higher (www.ef.com)
GEOS  Level 6 or higher (www.geosla.net)
FLS Level 14 or higher (www.fls.net)
MENTOR Completed highest level (www.mentoresl.net)
AOI Completed highest Level (www.aoicollege.com)
AEC Completed level 6 (www.aec.edu)
ALC Completed level 105 (www.international.uclaextension.edu/alc)

English Proficiency Waivers

Students may be exempt from providing English proficiency if they:

  1. Are a resident of and studied in an English speaking country,
  2. Completed a degree in an American/British/Canadian High School in a non-English speaking country,
  3. Completed "O" or "A" levels in a former British colony (e.g. Singapore),
  4. Submit a letter stating that "English was the primary language of his/her instruction" (must be on official school letterhead),
  5. Studied English language as an exchange student for at least two semesters in a U.S. school and achieved a grade of "C" or higher,
  6. Or if they are transferring directly from an academic program at a U.S. college or university.

Standard Placement Exams

All new students must also take the English Department's Placement Test to determine level placement in ESL or English. Placement testing is part of the orientation schedule, but students who wish to take the placement tests before orientation may do so by contacting the International Student Program office for testing information.