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Attending El Camino College for the first two years of instruction is a very economical way to receive a college education in the United States. One semester unit is $288. Total amount of tuition and fees is $6,912 per academic year or 12 semester units  x 2 academic semesters = 24 semester-units.

In addition to tuition, textbooks and supplies may range from $250 to $400 for each semester. Room and board expenses vary depending upon the type of housing chosen, but may be estimated for the 10-month school year at $8,500 in South Bay area. One should expect to pay $803 per 6 months or $1,606 per calendar year (12 months) for mandatory medical insurance.

Students who have their own car must carry automobile liability insurance. Auto insurance costs vary depending upon the age of driver and the year, make and model of the vehicle.

An estimate of the total expenses for the 10-month academic year, including tuition and fees, medical insurance, textbooks and supplies, room and board, is about $19,500.



Last Published 12/21/16