Health & Housing

Health & Housing


All F-1 Visa students are required to purchase El Camino College designated health insurance. You can find more about the insurance company at their website The cost of the health insurance is $1,395.00 per calendar year (12 months). This amount will be split in two payments ($697.50 and $697.50) and paid by the students at the time of registration each semester.

International students who are temporarily located outside their home country and have not been granted permanent residency status while engaged in full-time educational activities through El Camino College are required to be insured under the El Camino College Student Health Insurance Plan. Waivers may be granted only to those individuals who are already insured under other government or embassy sponsored plans. Travel insurance will not grant a waiver.  Waivers can be found at the business division on the El Camino College Campus.

  • Contact Information:  Student Insurance Agency, 10801 National Blvd. #603, LA, CA 90064
  • Email:
  • Tel: 310.826-5688 / Fax: (310) 826-1601


Although El Camino College does not provide housing for students, we hope to ensure that our students have information about housing options to assist in their housing search. We suggest students start the search for housing options several months before their expected move in date. Please download the Housing Brochure (PDF format).

The inclusion of any apartment or agency on the list does not represent an endorsement of services or facilities, nor does it guarantee vacancies exist. Please be aware that ECC does not assume responsibility for inspecting or supervising any housing facility.