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HORTICULTURE 95abcd (Work Experience)
Cooperative Career Education

Credit, degree applicable, Transfer CSU (limitations apply)

Major Advantages:

  1. Begin Networking
  2. Hands on experience
  3. Satisfy your elective requirement for the Environmental Horticulture (Ornamental Horticulture) Certificate and A.S. Degree.


  1. 7 units minimum total, including CCE
  2. Enrolled in one class in your Major or related field
  3. Have a paid or volunteer position (many available - see faculty if you need assistance)
  4. Meet with Jack Horn twice (min.) per semester
  5. Write a report on special work experience or topic of your interest
  6. You must register for CCE (Hort 95abcd)
  7. You must fill out an application
    • May be obtained from CCE office (310) 660-3593 x3603, located in I&T Building, Room 211
    • Or contact Jack Horn (310) 660-3593 x3358, located in NS 200G or other Horticulture instructors.
 Last Published 3/27/15