Horticulture Industry Employment Opportunities

Employment Level definitions.

Occupation Title

Level of Employment




Agriculture Inspector, Horticulture     x
Arboretum/ Botanical Garden Curator     x
Arboretum/ Botanical Garden director     x
Arboretum/ Botanical Garden Education Director     x
Arboretum/ Botanical Garden Manager   x  
Arboretum/ Botanical Garden Visitors Center Aide   x  
Arboretum/ Botanical Garden Librarian   x  
Arboretum/ Botanical Garden Tour Guide   x  
Arborist   x  
Bonsai Culturist   x  
Botanist     x
Bulb Production Co., Breeder     x
Bulb Production Co., Field Worker x    
Bulb Production Co., Grader x    
Bulb Production Co., Grower   x  
Bulb Production Co., Manager     x
Bulb Production Co., Owner/Operator     x
Bulb Production Co., Packing/ Shipping   x  
Bulb Production Co., Quality Control Supervisor     x
Bulb Production Co., Sales Manager     x
Bulb Production Co., Sales Representative   x  
Bulb Production Co., Technician   x  
Bulb Production Co., Worker x    
Christmas Tree Grower   x  
Consultant     x
Farm Advisor, Horticulture     x
Fertilizer Sales and Service Person   x  
Floral Consultant   x  
Floriculture Production Consultant     x
Floriculture Production Field Operations Supervisor   x  
Floriculture Production Flower/Shipping Shed Supv.   x  
Floriculture Production Grower   x  
Floriculture production Inventory Controller   x  
Floriculture Production Marketing Manager     x
Floriculture Production Owner/ Operator     x
Floriculture Technician   x  
Florist   x  
Florist, Retail, Arranger   x  
Florist, Retail, Designer   x  
Florist, Retail, Sales Clerk x    
Florist, Retail, Store Manager   x  
Florist, Wholesale, Buyer     x
Florist, Wholesale, Manager     x
Florist, Wholesale, Route Salesperson   x  
Florist, Wholesale, Sales Manager     x
Florist, Wholesale, Salesperson   x  
Floristry Shop Manager   x  
Floral Consultant   x  
Foliage Grower   x  
Garden Center Management Trainee   x  
Garden Center Owner/Operator     x
Garden Worker x    
Gardener x    
Gardener, Special Effect   x  
Golf Course Consultant     x
Golf Course Maintenance Worker x    
Golf Course Management Contractor     x
Golf Course Manager   x  
Golf Course Superintendent     x
Golf Course Worker x    
Greenhouse Crew Supervisor   x  
Greenhouse General Manager     x
Greenhouse Manager     x
Greenhouse Supervisor   x  
Greenhouse Technician   x  
Greenhouse Worker x    
Greenskeeper   x  
Groundskeeper x    
Groundskeeper Supervisor   x  
Groundsperson Worker x    
Horticulture Farm Advisor     x
Horticulture Film Producer     x
Horticulture Import Specialist     x
Horticulture Research Scientist     x
Horticulture Research Technician   x  
Horticulture Sales Staff Trainer     x
Horticulture Specialist     x
Horticulture Specialist, UC Cooperative Extension Service     x
Horticulture Supply Sales Representative   x  
Horticulture Teacher / Instructor     x
Horticulture Technical Writer   x  
Horticulture Therapist     x
Horticulturist     x
Interior Landscaper   x  
Interior Plant Maintenance Worker x    
Interior Plantscaper   x  
Irrigation Consultant     x
Irrigation Equipment & Supplies Sales & Service Representative     x
Irrigation Systems Installer   x  
Irrigation Technician   x  
Laborer, Landscape x    
Landscape Architect     x
Landscape Company General Manager     x
Landscape Consultant     x
Landscape Contractor   x  
Landscape Crew Supervisor   x  
Landscape Designer   x  
Landscape Drafter   x  
Landscape Equipment Operator x    
Landscape Estimator    x  
Landscape Gardener x    
Landscape Installation Foreman   x  
Landscape Installation Worker x    
Landscape Maintenance Lead Worker   x  
Landscape Maintenance Worker x    
Landscape Project coordinator     x
Landscape Services Co. Owner/Operator     x
Landscape Specialist   x  
Landscape, Supervising Groundskeeper   x  
Landscape Technician   x  
Lawn Service Business Owner/Operator   x  
Lawn -Service Worker x    
Nursery Production, Consultant     x
Nursery Production, Container Plant Foreman   x  
Nursery, Customer Service Representative     x
Nursery Production, Field Foreman   x  
Nursery Production, Field Superintendent     x
Nursery Production, Greenhouse Manager   x  
Nursery Production, Grower   x  
Nursery Production, Inventory Controller   x  
Nursery Production, Irrigator x    
Nursery Production, Laborer x    
Nursery Production, Manager     x
Nursery Production, Manager Assistant   x  
Nursery Production, Owner/Operator     x
Nursery Production, Pest Control Applicator   x  
Nursery Production, Pest Control Manager     x
Nursery Production, Product Developer     x
Nursery Production, Production Manager   x  
Nursery Production, Propagator   x  
Nursery Production, Sales Manager     x
Nursery Production, Salesperson   x  
Nursery Production, Shipping Foreman   x  
Nursery Retail and Garden Center, Buyer     x
Nursery Retail and Garden Center Division Supervisor   x  
Nursery Retail and Garden Center, Greenhouse Manager   x  
Nursery Retail and Garden, Landscape Designer   x  
Nursery Retail and Garden, Maintenance Person x    
Nursery Retail and Garden Center, Manager     x
Nursery Retail and Garden, Salesperson   x  
Nursery Worker x    
Orchid Grower     x
Orchid Grower Technician   x  
Orchid Plant Technician     x
Orchid Propagator   x  
Park Manager   x  
Park Planner     x
Park Superintendent   x  
Park Worker x    
Parks Groundskeeper   x  
Parks Maintenance Supervisor     x
Parks Service Manager     x
Plant Pathologist     x
Plant Quarantine Inspector, Federal/State     x
Plant Scientist     x
Rose Breeder     x
Rose Grower     x
Rose Grower Laborer x    
Rose Grower Sales Manager     x
Rose Grower Sales Representative   x  
Rose Grower Technician   x  
Rose Propagator   x  
Seed Harvesting Machine Operator x    
Seed Production Co., Breeder     x
Seed Production Co., Contract Grower     x
Seed Production Co., Field Worker x    
Seed Production Co., Grower   x  
Seed Production Co., Laboratory Technician     x
Seed Production Co., Manager     x
Seed Production Co., Owner /Operator     x
Seed Production Co., Production Supervisor     x
Seed Production Co., Sales Manager     x
Seed Production Co., Sales Representatives   x  
Sod Grower   x  
Teacher, Horticulture     x
Turf Maintenance Specialist   x  
Urban Forester     x