Student Learning Outcomes
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Student Learning Outcomes at El Camino College

The Mission of El Camino College (ECC) is to offer quality, comprehensive educational programs and services to ensure the educational success of students from our diverse community.  Central to this mission is student learning, which is not restricted to interactions between students and instructors in a classroom.  Instead, the entire campus works together to support student learning in all of our courses, programs, and services.

ECC strives to create a culture where outcomes assessment continually improves the quality of student learning and institutional effectiveness.  Members of each department and program engage each other in the development and assessment of outcomes.  Dialogue within and amongst departments and programs moves the college forward to meet the evolving needs of our students through instruction, curricula, programs, and services.

Learning Outcomes exist at multiple levels.

  • Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are learning outcomes that we expect students to achieve after they have completed a course.
  • Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) are learning outcomes we expect students to achieve after completing a degree or path of study at ECC.
  • Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) measure the core competencies achieved by students completing a course of study at ECC.
  • Service Area Outcomes (SAOs) are explicit statements describing knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or attitudes that a student will be able to demonstrate at the end (or as a result) of his or her engagement in a particular lesson, course, program, or collegiate experience.

Assessment plans are in place to evaluate our success in helping student achieve these outcomes.

Although the initial impetus for assessment began with SLOs, all areas of the college, including Student Services, have benefited from setting outcomes they want achieved by their work (outcomes that those they serve will achieve).  Thus outcomes assessment (rather than only SLO assessment) is the language we use to describe all levels of our efforts across the college.

Learning Outcomes are developed and assessments take place for the following areas:

  • Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
  • Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)
  • Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)
  • General Education Outcomes (GEOs) (In process)
  • Service Area Outcomes (SAOs)

We believe that assessment is the vehicle to promote continuous improvement in our courses, programs, and services.  The materials and links on the learning outcomes webpages provide resources for students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members to learn about ECC’s commitment to assessment of student learning and the actions we take to promote student success.