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In 1972 El Camino College established a program to assist students with disabilities in their pursuit of a post-secondary education. The purpose of this program is to assist students with disabilities to perform on an equal basis with non-disabled students in an integrated campus setting. In the first year, this program served a total of 65 students. Today, well over 1900 students are currently receiving services. 

SPECIAL RESOURCE CENTER (Service Area Outcome):  Upon completion of  one or more Educational Development courses and/or Special Resource Center (SRC) services, a student will be able to show competency to apply requisite student skills in the integrated campus community.

Our Staff:

Our office is comprised of a variety of support staff ....  including

Director: Dr. Dipte Patel



  • Tisa Casas
  • Geralin Clark
  • Jaymie Collette
  • Bill Hoanzl
  • Kathryn Holmes
  • Bonnilee Kaufmann
  • Julie Land
  • Mark Lipe
  • Janet Schaeffer
  • Russell Serr  


  • Kate Beley
  • Tawnya Cola
  • Cristina Pajo

Support Services Personnel:

  • Somphone Chen
  • James Cummins
  • Elizabeth Greene
  • Brian Krause
  • Cheryl Peacock
  • Rob Sutton 
  • Robbie M. Sutton
  • team of hourly support staff/paraprofessionals


  • Lyn Clemons, AMS Technology Supervisor
  • Sharin Nakayama, DSPS Supervisor

Administrative Support Staff:

  • Susan Brouillette
  • Lisette Marquez
  • Sandra Nash
  • Mayra Thrush

Populations Served

Office Contact Information

The Special Resource Center is located in the southeast wing of the Student Services Center.


For most current hours, general information, or appointments, PLEASE call our SRC front desk staff at 310-660-3295.  Hours are subject to change.

Mon:  8:00 am -- 5:30 pm
Tue:   8:00 am -- 5:30 pm
Wed:  8:00 am -- 4:00 pm
Thu:   8:00 am -- 4:30 pm
Fri:     9:00 am -- 12:30 pm  

E-mail:  You can contact us regarding testing accommodations at

E-mail:  You can contact us regrading services for ASL/Academic Interpreters at

Phone:  General Information & Scheduling Counseling and/or Support Services Appointments:
(310) 660-3295 TDD: (310) 660-3445
Adapted Physical Education Staff Office
(310) 660-3593 x3662

Current Announcements & Calendar of Events

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