Grant Info


Recently, El Camino College received grant funding from the Department of Education to initiate a project supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The project aims to increase the number of students pursuing and succeeding in STEM disciplines at the college, transferring in STEM majors to four-year universities, or entering the related workforce.

With a comprehensive approach to STEM enrichment, the project includes several goals that address issues in student transfer, support services, lab equipment and technologies, and innovative new programs. Currently, a biological technology program is in design, and efforts to enhance the engineering technology program underway. Counseling, tutoring and other student support services are being supplemented by an increased focus on STEM transfer pathways for students, and plans to enhance the Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Center. Meanwhile, faculty members are examining curriculum to provide more stimulating research opportunities to their students, a factor that proves meaningful in applying STEM concepts to their real lives.

In addition, El Camino College is committed to strengthening relationships with local high schools to encourage youth curiosity in STEM. This summer, the college offered a Geometry Young Scholars Program which provided mentoring, tutoring, activities and field trips to high school students concurrently enrolled in Geometry at the college. Please visit our STEM Young Scholars page to find out about additional services and collaboration with local high schools.

With these new advances underway, El Camino College hopes to become a part of the solution to creating greater STEM competence, success, and future careers within the diverse community it serves.