Redistricting Action Plan

Redistricting Action Plan

Boundary Review Committee Schedule

July 2011

1.     BRC reviews overview of committee’s charge

August 2011

1.     BRC holds second meeting
2.     BRC elects chair and vice-chair
3.     Options for redistricting boundaries with info provided by mapping consultant
4.     BRC defines communities of interest throughout the District
5.     Potential Communities of Interest

  • City Boundaries
  • Parks
  • Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Precincts
  • Housing Developments
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Other

September 2011

1.     BRC holds third meeting to develop outreach/information plans, with assistance from College staff
2.     Outreach and publicizing the process begins – BRC with assistance from College staff

October 2011

1.     Hold public hearings throughout the ECCCD area – hosting one public hearing in each Trustee area; vary times
2.     Identify communities of interest and organizations in each community and invite to public hearings
3.     BRC holds workshop with mapping consultant to define potential redistricting areas based on info from public hearings

November 2011

1.     Mapping consultant presents draft plan to BRC
2.     Utilize the web and social media to provide information to the community and to solicit input from the community
3.     Post Google Earth maps with proposed boundaries outlined for the public to review online and/or print
4.     Provide proposed plan with info on how to submit input to libraries, schools, via email and newspapers
5.     Provide draft plans with options for Trustee Areas and ask public for input

December 2011-January 2012

1.     BRC meeting to plan media briefing and informational sessions
2.     Host media briefing and ensure appropriate media coverage

February 2012

1.    Final draft plan remains posted on El Camino Website
2.    Final draft plan emailed to Media List, including: Local, State and Federal Elected Officials, School District Superintendents and Principals, Chambers of Commerce and community member lists.
3.    Final proposed plan of new Trustee Areas presented by BRC to Board.
4.    Board holds Public Hearing and considers adoption by resolution

March/May 2012

1.    Submit Election Waiver Request to the Board of Governors at least 30 days prior to the May 7-8, 2012 Board of Governor's (BOG) meeting.
2.    BOG takes action on Election Waiver Request

June/July 2012

1.    ECCCD Board submits adopted Trustee Areas to Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder's Office

** Note:
For districts that hold their governing board elections in November of odd-numbered years, plans must be submitted to the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder by October 15, 2012, to effect the November 2013 election.