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Planning and Budgeting Committee


The Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) serves as the consultation committee for campus-wide planning and budgeting.  The PBC assures that the planning and budgeting are interlinked and that the process is driven by the mission and strategic initiatives set forth in the Strategic Plan.  The PBC makes recommendations to the President on all planning and budgeting issues and reports committee activities to campus constituencies.

Strategic Initiative – C – Collaboration

Advance an effective process of collaboration and collegial consultation conducted with integrity and respect to inform and strengthen decision-making.

The committee membership includes representation from throughout campus:

  • Academic Senate
  • Administrative Services
  • Associated Students Organization
  • Campus Police
  • Committee Chair
  • ECC Federation of Teachers
  • ECCE - Classified Union
  • Management/Supervisors
  • Student and Community Advancement

Annual Assessment and Review

On an annual basis the committee will:

  • Review resources and make recommendations for the college budget based on principles and processes set forth in the Educational Master Plan and align with the mission, vision, values and strategic initiatives of the college.
  • Monitor budget, planning and resources to ensure success of the college.
  • Complete and monitor annual review of the budget, committee goals and planning process.

Annual Planning Summit

The committee and the campus at large will participate in an annual planning summit facilitated by the Vice President of Student and Community Advancement.

Meeting Information 

Meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of every month.

Location:  Library 202

Time:  1:00-2:30

2014-15 PBC Schedule

2015-16 PBC Schedule

Committee Membership

Members Email Representation
Rory K. Natividad Chair
Jackie Sims Management/Supervisors
Connie Fitzsimons 
Academic Affairs
William Garcia Student & Comm. Advancement
Cheryl Shenefield Administrative Services
Dean Starkey  Campus Police 
David Mussaw ECCE 
Lance Widman Academic Senate 
Nicole Mardesich   ASO - Student Association

Alternate Members

Members Email Representation
Vacant   ECCE
Amy Grant Academic Affairs
William Garcia Student & Comm. Advancement
Vacant   Management/Supervisors
Emily Rader Academic Senate
Ericka Solarzano Campus Police
Michael Trevis

Administrative Services



Chris Vazquez  


 Last Published 2/1/16