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Lisa's portrait
Lisa Mednick Takami
310-660-3593 Ext. 3871

Manages department personnel and budget.

Oversees all training development, initiatives, and evaluation. 

Elana's portrait

Elana Azose
Trainer/Instructional Technology Specialist
310-660-3593 Ext. 6452

Conducts technology, software, LMS and app training.

Designs and teaches F2F and online technology & pedagogy courses. Consults with faculty and staff on 508 compliance and instructional design.  

Tuan Profile Pic  

Tuan Hua
Professional Development Assistant
310-660-3593 Ext. 3869

Coordinates campus events and administrative processes.

Designs event marketing and program materials.

Nailah Profile

Nailah Lee
Senior Clerical Assistant (Part-Time)
310-660-3593 Ext. 5868

Oversees Professional Development Reporter Software.

Responds to inquiries regarding the Faculty Flex calendar, reporting, and obligation

Nely Ruano 
Nely Ruano
ECC PRIDE Senior Clerical Assistant (Temp)
310-660-3593 Ext. 7980
Provides clerical support for
ECC PRIDE, campus leadership academy.

Student Worker Stephanie

Stephanie Saenz
Student Worker I
310-660-3593 Ext. 3868
Provides general clerical support.



Last Published 2/22/17