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Goals and Activities 

Goal A: Access
Increase the proportionality index of Veterans and African American Students by 5% in four years.
Improving African American Student Access
Increasing Access and Support to Veterans 
Goal B: Course Completion

Increase Course Completion for Foster Youth, African American, and Pacific Islander students by 5% in four years.


Increase course completion rate for Latinos by 2.5% in four years, as we try to improve the number of courses lost.


Reading Success Center
Expansion of Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)
English Mentors
Statistics Math Review Workshops
Writing Across Curriculum
Expanding Hours for the Writing Center
Athlete Summer Bridge Program
Guardian Scholars Program
Goal C: ESL and Basic Skills Completion


Increase basic skills Math and English completion rates for African America, Pacific Islander, and identified disability students by 10% in four years. 


Increase basic skills ESL completion rate for Latino and Females by 10% in four years.

KEAS Support Program Focusing in Math and English Basic Skills Courses
Tutors/PASS Mentors Supplies
Math Academies for Basic Skills
Support or Prof Dev. Basic Acceleration Mathematics (BAM) & General Education Acceleration (GEA)
Prof. Dev. English A Consistency
Assistance with Testing/Registration for ESL Courses
SI Coaches/Tutors
Summer Bridge Program
Goal D: Degree and Certificate
Increase degree and certificate completion rates for African American and Latino students by 10% in four years.
Career & Technical Education Faculty Learning Teams
Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Mentors
Goal E: Transfer

Increase transfer rates for Foster Youth, African American, Latinos, Pacific Islander, and identified Disability students by 5% in four years.

Second Cohort Puente
Mesa Personal Success Plan
Asian American Pacific Islander Program (AAPI)
Goal F: College & District Wide Initiatives
Activities affecting several goals across success indicators.

Professional Development across the institution
Student Equity Re-envisioned Community of Best Practices (SER)


Last Published 2/28/17