Student Leadership Institute

Student Leadership Institute

The Student Leadership Institute (SLI) is a training seminar for El Camino College students that builds and enhances their leadership skills. Participating students are nominated by a faculty and/or staff from a student support program on campus. Students selected have been observed to show a consistent display of involvement on campus and have demonstrated their ability to be a campus leader.

During the seminar, students will refine their resumes, learn the importance of dressing for success, improve their networking skills, and polish their dining etiquette.After completing the Institute, students are encouraged to join a club, attend more campus trainings/workshops, and/or conferences. At the end of the semester, students will attend an awards and pinning ceremony and receive a certificate of completion and participation and a pin. 

These topics will be discussed during the SLI:

Student Conduct & Traveling Health Tips

Students are expected to maintain a certain standard of conduct while traveling and be aware of the health issues and measures to protect themselves from sickness.

The Professional Resume

Your resume is one of the most important tools you'll employ during your job search. Learn how to highlight your educational qualifications, professional achievement, and career objectives. 

Dress for Success

Good first impressions are crucial to landing a job. Your appearance matters and educates others on how you want to be approached. Successful people maintain impeccable image because they know it's part of their brand.


Importance of Networking

Business networking is a valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, foster relationships, and let others know about your talents. 

Business Dinning Etiquette

Whether you're grabbing a quick lunch with colleagues or need to impress potential employer at a formal dinner, maintaining a professional image is important. 

Business Cards & Professional Portraits

Business cards and portraits are ideal for exchanging contact information and capturing the attention of potential employers by adding  personality to marketing materials, social media, and more.

Join the Student Leadership Institute

If you are interested in joining the Student Leadership Institute, please complete the SLI Interest Form Spring 2019 found here:

Student Leadership Institute Interest Form Spring 2019

Four Information Sessions will be offered to students who would like to join the Student Leadership Institute. Students can RSVP to an Information Session by filling out the Student Leadership Institute Interest Form Spring 2019. Attendance to only one sessions is required.

Student Leadership Institute Information Session

March 4, 2019
2:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Alondra Room
March 7, 2019
1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Alondra Room
March 11, 2019
1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Alondra Room
 March 14, 2019
1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Alondra Room


Student Leadership Institute Design Team

Design Team

Idania Reyes
Student Support Services
 Nayeli Oliva
Project Specialist
Student Equity Program
Connie Zandate
Student Advisor
KEAS Program
Masiel Calderon
KEAS Program
Robert Williams
KEAS Program
 Chris Hurd
KEAS Program
John Ross Gatlin
Graphic Specialist
Student Equity