Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Ross Miyashiro
Vice President, Student Services

Lucy Nelson
Assistant to Vice President


Divisions and Departments

 Enrollment Services

 Robin Dreizler

 Susan Pickens
 Administrative Assistant II

 Lillian Justice

 Steven Waterhouse
 Admissions & Records Supervisor

 Lindsey Ludwig
 International Students Program Manager

 Nailah Smith
 Assessment/Testing Supervisor

 Melissa Guess
 Financial Aid Director

 Kristina Martinez
 Financial Aid Assistant Director

 Luis Mancia
 Financial Aid Interim Supervisor

 Julieta Arámburo
 Outreach & School Relations Director


 Programs and Services

 Admissions & Records
   International Student Program (ISP)
   El Camino Language Academy (ECLA)


 Financial Aid

 Outreach & School Relations
   South Bay Promise 


 Counseling & Student Success

 Dr. Dipte Patel

 Cesar Jimenez
 Associate Dean

 Kathleen Cottle
 Administrative Assistant II

 Jetta Franklin

 Dr. Yamonte Cooper
 (Faculty Counselor)
 Career Center Program Coordinator

 Dr. Cynthia Mosqueda
 (Faculty Counselor)
 FYE Program Coordinator

 Rene Lozano
 (Faculty Counselor)
 Transfer Center Program Coordinator


 Programs and Services

 Academic Counseling

 Career Center

 First year Experience/Learning  Communities

 Online Counseling


 RISE Center

 Student Success Program

 Student Success 7 Support Program (SSSP)

 The Opportunity Project

 Transfer Center

 Student Support Services

 Idania Reyes

 Edith Gutierrez
 EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs Director

 David M. Brown 
 EOPS/CalWORKs/CARE Assistant  Director

 Brian Mims (Faculty Counselor)
 Project Success Program Coordinator 

 Griselda Castro (Faculty Counselor)
 Puente Project Program Coordinator 

 Maribel Hernandez
 (Faculty  Counselor)
  Puente Project Program Coordinator 

 Dr. Gregory Toya
 Student Development Director

 Nayeli Oliva
 Student Equity Interim Director

 Veterans Program Coordinator  (tentative)


 Programs and Services

 EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs/Guardian  Scholars


 Project Success

 Puente Project

 Reading Success Center

 Student Development
   Associated Student Organization
   Photo ID
   Student Clubs
   Student Conduct

 Student Equity

 Student Grievances

 Veterans Center


 Health Sciences & Athletics

 Rory Natividad

 Linda Olsen
 Administrative Assistant II

 Julie Meredith
 Senior Clerical Assistant

 Colin Preston
 Athletics Director

 Gary Greco
 Special Resource Center Director 

 Susan Nilles
 Student Health Center Coordinator

 Programs and Services


 Special Resource Center

 Student Health Center

 Institutional Research & Planning

 Irene Graff

 Programs and Services