Accelerated Learning Communities

Accelerated Learning Communities



The mission of the Accelerated Program is to help students complete both basic and development reading and writing courses at a faster pace so that students will be eligible for college-level courses within one semester. Our goal is to provide students with an accelerated model that will help facilitate their progress in developmental reading and writing courses. The program provides students with orientation, counseling support, education planning, and in class tutoring.


Student Selection

Students are selected based on their placement scores into both English 82 & English B. Students are select based on a first come, first serve basis. Waiting lists are created due to limited space available.


Faculty Collaboration

Faculty work as a team to reorganize the curriculum into an accelerated format that also incorporated Leaning Community methodology. Faculty created themes and integrative assignments for both the reading and writing courses.




Summary Total Reader 

Total Reader was purchased by the Graduation Initiative Grant to be used in the Accelerated Program for Spring 2012 semester. Total Reader is a research-proven program that promotes reading and comprehension by matching a student's reading ability to his or her reading materials. 

Total Reader uses a scientifically-proven scaled measure of reading and comprehension known as "The Lexile Framework for Reading." Total Reader provides students with an individual tool to practice reading; it measures improvement achievement across grade levels to content areas. Students become engaged in independently monitoring and improving their reading levels; students improve their reading level by applying the advice and training of local instructors.