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Summer Math Academy


Summer Math Academy Mission 

The primary mission of the Summer Math Academy is to equip students with the information and tools necessary for success in the mathematical sequences of classes they take at El Camino College to graduate or transfer. A secondary goal is to provide students with another opportunity to save semesters taking non degree applicable or non-transfer level pre-requisite math classes by scoring higher on the Mathematics Placement Test (MPT). By making the MPT scores significantly higher for placement into higher level courses than the general student population, the Academy will facilitate student success for its students testing into higher level classes.


Success and Retention Analysis

Of the 77 students who participated in the Summer 2011 Math Academy, 35% in Fall 2011 and 40% in Spring 2012 enrolled in a math course (see Table 1).

Table 1. Math Course Enrollment





  Fall 2011




  Spring 2012





Figures 1 and 3 compare the success rates of students from the math academy to the overall success rates of the Math department

Figure 1. Success Rates for Fall 2011

Summer Math Academy Fall 2011 Success Rates


Figure 3. Success Rates for Spring 2012

 Summer Math Academy Spring 2012 Success Rates



. Figures 2 and 4 compare the retention rates of math academy students to the Math department’s overall retention rates. Comparisons are made by term—Fall 2011 and Spring 2012, respectively.

Figure 2. Retention Rates for Fall 2011

Summer Math Academy Fall 2011 Retention Rates


Figure 4. Retention Rates for Spring 2012

Summer Math Academy Spring 2012 Retention Rates


The 2011 SMA had 17 percent females and 56 percent males who attended the tranining. The ethnic background of the students who participated were the following: Hispanic 75%; African American 18%; Asian 8%; White (non-hispanic) 6%; American Indian 3%; and Other, Multi-race, and Pacific Islander all at 2%; . Of the students who attended SMA, there were 37 percent who were first generation to attend college and 71 percent  were on finanical aid. More than half of the students (55%) had plans to transfer and earn a BA/BS Degree. Please see Chart 5 to view a breakdown of other Educational Goals.


Chart 1 Gender

Gender Chart


Chart 2 Ethnicity

Ethnicity Chart


Chart 3 First to Attend College

First to Attend Chart


Chart 4 On Financial Aid

Chart of Students on Financial Aid


Chart 5 Goals

 Goals Chart