Benefits of a Degree

What are the Benefits of an Associate of Arts Degree? 


An associate of arts degree is usually a two-year degree earned at a community college or accredited institution. People who have their high school diploma or GED earn an associate's degree to further their education or to earn part of a bachelor's degree at a much lower cost. Several benefits comes with an associate of arts degree. 



 According to the Department of Education, workers who have an associate will earn more than workers who have only a high school diploma or some college classes. This is due to the occupations available to those who have earned an associate degree, as well as to employers that offer higher starting salaries to workers with degrees. 



In just two years of full-time classwork, an associate degree prepares a student for an occupation. The courses for an associate of arts degree teach practical skills for many occupations that enable students to go immediately into a specific field. 


Further Education

The other benefit of an associate of arts degree is that it prepares you for completing a bachelor's degree. Many associate degree programs correspond directly to larger university programs and fulfill about half the credit requirements of a bachelor's degree. Many four year colleges or universities prefer to accept a candidate with an associates degree instead of one with only some college credit, since degree completion shows that the student can follow through. 


These earnings and unemployment data are from the Current Population Survey. More information can be found in "Associate degree: Two years to a career or a jump start to a bachelor's degree," by Olivia Crosby, Occupational Outlook Quarterly, Winter 2002-03.


Source: Original article written By Maggie Mertens, eHow Contributor, 03/06/03