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About the Graduation Initiative Project at El Camino College


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El Camino College (ECC) recently launched a new program to boost the number of students earning their associate degree. The ECC Graduation Initiative Project is supported by a $3.24 million grant and designed to increase student readiness for the pursuit of the associate degree, while strengthening student learning and faculty teaching in essential gateway courses such as reading, writing, and math. 


As an institution, through planning and ongoing work of the Enrollment Management Committee and the Associate Degree Task Force, ECC has examined strategies to increase completion and graduation rates. The groups determined that there are several factors contributing to low graduation rates, which if modified, can make a significant long-term impact on the institution’s ability to graduate larger numbers of students. This Title V project addresses these factors. They include improving consistency and quality of teaching in math and English gateway courses and fostering development of essential non-academic skills to expedite students’ transition from developmental courses to college-level courses and increase their college success.

These goals will be achieved by systematic professional development and faculty collaboration in Learning Teams, which encourage experimenting with instructional methods and pedagogy. To promote students’ self-advocacy and their development as self-directed learners, tools that facilitate students’ educational and financial planning will be added. Strategically targeted academic advising will help students fulfill graduation requirements and understand the benefits of graduating with an associate’s degree.

Research shows that a shift toward jobs that require workers with greater analytical and interactive skills is expected for the future, and a well-functioning education and training system will be essential.




Your dream of achieving a degree may be closer than you think …

  • Did you know that an associate degree increases your earning capacity by 86 percent within three years of earning a degree?
  • Check how close you are to completing your associate degree: log onto MyECC and click on “Online Academic Planning”


Plan you future … 

  • Don’t wait any longer, meet with a counselor and create an educational plan.
  • Call the counseling office to schedule an appointment: 310-660-3458.


Graduates with an associate degree can … 

  • Gain entry-level access into a rewarding career
  • Find a gateway toward pursuing a bachelor’s degree