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Student Resources

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A College Plan for Every Latino Student in America

New Futuro announces the launch of its Road to College Program, a bilingual, bicultural educational program designed to help facilitate college access for latino students and their parents.


A tool which rearranges digital text to make online reading easier and more enjoyable. ClipRead’s
cascading format has proven to reduce eye strain, allow for greater comprehension and recall, and train
readers to read in short phrases (the key to reading faster).

Total Reader

Individualized, web-based program that aids in increasing your lexile (reading level) through short
readings which progress in difficulty as you progress in your ability to decipher context clues.

Townsend Press

Practice quizzes on all aspects of college level reading: grasping the main idea and supporting details,
understanding vocabulary in context, making inferences, and more. (To acquire full access, come to the
RSC to get an account.)


Helpful Links

Capital Community College Guide to Grammar & Writing

An invaluable guide to better grammar with an easy-to-use index which lets you focus on your
grammatical Achilles’ heals.

UC Berkley Summer Reading List

Reading for pleasure is one of the best ways to improve your reading level, and it’s what great readers
do all the time. See what UC Berkley recommends for its incoming students.

Raising Your Reading Level

Did you know most published books have a lexile number according to how difficult they are to read?
This site is a great resource for finding the books you should be reading to raise your reading level.

How to Improve Reading Comprehension

A quick overview of the 12 things great readers do when they approach a text.

Words used in Essay Examinations

Finally, somebody created a guide which breaks down all those elusive words that throw many students
into the “Huh?” zone after reading the first sentence of their assignment sheet.

Reading Better and Faster

More great advice on how to read faster while understanding more

El Camino College Writing Center

Assistance with the entire writing process from pre-writing to final editing