Faculty Learning Teams/Course Cohorts

learning team 7 steps


The Graduation Initiative Project has implemented Learning Teams (cohorts) which are a group of instructors teaching a common course with a clear goal to improve student success. Each team is led by a facilitator. 

The groups use a 7-step process:

Step 1:    Identify and clarify specific and common student needs (learning gaps) to work on

Step 2:    Formulate a clear objective for for each need and identify related student work to be analyzed.

Step 3:    Identify and adopt a promising instructional strategy to address the need/gap.

Step 4:    Plan and complete necessary preparation to try the selected strategy in the classroom.

Step 5:    Deliver Instruction: All group members implement the same selected strategy.

Step 6:    Analyze student work to (a) see if the objective is being met, (b) better understand the need,
                (c) evaluate the effectiveness of selected strategy.

Step 7:    Reassess, continue and repeat the cycle or move on to another need/learning gap.