2012 Summer Institute for Developmental Education (SIDE)

2012 Summer Institute for Developmental Education
(SIDE) Overview

SIDE is a two-week summer program for Developmental Education (DE) faculty. It will provide information on DE theory and practice, and participants will engage in a community of practice as part of the collaborative dimensions of the program.


SIDE Goals:

  • to provide an extensive professional development opportunity for DE faculty
  • to disseminate research and facilitate dialogue about DE
  • to, over four years and in conjunction with other Title V-funded programs, assist in meeting ECC’s Title V objectives


  • Enlist in-house specialists in relevant fields for presenting content and facilitating discussion
  • Enroll 24 full-time and part-time instructors of basic skills mathematics and English courses, as well as other gateway general education courses, and to target new full-time and part-time faculty teaching specific English and math courses
  • Offer financial and flex-credit incentives for faculty involvement
  • Deliver a curriculum focused on the unique needs of DE students, theoretical and philosophical frameworks for DE, and best research-based instructional practices in DE
  • Create a cohort of DE faculty that offers mutual support and opportunities for collaboration
  • Evaluate SIDE’s effectiveness by using pre- and post-institute faculty surveys on SIDE content
  • Sustain cohort interaction and SIDE’s effectiveness by requiring participants to observe each other’s classes during the 2012-2013 school year

Potential Benefits of Practicum:

  • SIDE will assist in the completion of ECC’s Title V objectives
  • SIDE will expand instructors’ knowledge of research in DE
  • SIDE will improve faculty instruction
  • SIDE will, in the long-term and in conjunction with other ECC programs, increase success and retention rates among DE students

Resources For Faculty:

  • Faculty Stipends
  • Coordinator Stipends
  • Classroom space for 24 participants (Distance Education Room)
  • Handouts
  • Survey development, distribution, and tabulation technology


Additional resources:

Outline of SIDE Curriculum

SIDE Timeline