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To Add a Class

  1. Go to:
  2. Login with username and password
  3. Under WebAdvisor, click on "Registration – Add & Drop"
  4. Click on "Online Add with Faculty Permission"
  5. You will see the screen below and be asked to enter the two sets of numbers on the Add Code.


  6. Click on "SUBMIT"
  7. Once you successfully add the section, use the "Make a Payment" link in the "Make a Payment & Account" section and pay the amount due.

Problems? Write down/print the error message and take it with the Add Code to the Student Activities Center East Lounge before the add deadline. Do not lose or misplace this Add Code until enrollment is verified.

Classes can only be added with:

  • An appointment time
  • Appropriate pre-requisites
  • Fees and other holds resolved

Classes cannot be added with:

  • Time conflicts
  • Excessive repeats of the course
  • Schedule exceeds the allowable number of units, unless there is overload approval

Questions? Consult the class schedule/catalog, or speak with a counselor.

Before adding, drop the classes you are no longer taking. If you have a time conflict (e.g. a class you are enrolled in overlaps by one minute or more with a course you are trying to add), you will not be able to add the new class. The AddCode only works for one student.

No classes can be added after the deadline!

 Last Published 8/26/14