Info Desk Displays
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Outreach and School Relations

Information Desk Display (Plasma TVs) 

Do you have a program, class, or event you would like to promote? We can help!

Your information can be displayed on 2 large plasma TV screens located behind the Information Desk in the Student Services Center lobby. Slides are displayed for 10 seconds each on a loop.

How to submit?

Email slide as an attachment to Brian Hayden, Your slides will be included the following day.

What format?

PowerPoint and PDF are the preferred formats. The PowerPoint slideshow has a custom page setup of 13.33 inches wide x 7.5 inches tall to display properly on the widescreen TVs.

What to include?

Think of it like a billboard. For best results keep it simple, as information may be read quickly or from afar. Include a title, brief description, photo or graphic, contact info (office, phone number, email, or webpage), and event info (date and location).

How long will my slides be displayed?

As long as the information remains relevant. If your slide contains a date, it will be taken down after the date.