Registration Information

Admissions Registration Information

Registration Procedure

Each student is required to have a registration appointment before being permitted to register. Registration appointments are issued by the Admissions and Records Office and indicate the day and hour after which students may register. Students who complete the admission requirements may check their appointment time on MyECC.

Students must register on the date and time indicated or any time thereafter in accordance with the published registration schedule.


Enrollment in courses and programs may be limited to students meeting properly established prerequisites and corequisites.

Enrollment may also be limited due to the following: 

A. Health and safety considerations

B. Facility limitations

C. Faculty workload

D. Availability of qualified instructors

E. Funding limitations

F. Constraint of regional planning

G. Legal requirements imposed by statutes, regulations, or contracts

Schedule of Classes

Before the registration period for each semester or session, the college publishes a Schedule of Classes listing the courses offered and general registration procedures. Schedules are available online and may also be obtained at the Bookstore for $1.00. A searchable class schedule showing open and available classes is also available online at

Enrollment Priorities

In compliance with Section 58108 of Title 5, California Administrative Code, enrollment priorities will be implemented as described in the El Camino College Board Policy and Procedure 5055 (Enrollment Priorities).  You may access the Administrative Procedure and Board Policy at the links below.

Administrative Procedure 5055 - Enrollment Priorities

Board Policy 5055 - Enrollment Priorities



Continuous Enrollment for Priority Registration

Course Repetition (PDF)

Continuous enrollment at El Camino College and Compton College constitutes enrollment in the most recent previous semester per academic year, excluding summer sessions. A student must remain enrolled in at least one course for sufficient time to receive a grade of "W" or a letter grade.