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Faculty Show 2016

Works by El Camino College Art Department and Photography Department Faculty

November 21 - December 14, 2016

Reception: December 1, 5-8 p.m.

Gallery Talk: December 6 at 1 p.m.

Pam Huth; Draco Occidentalis (hatchling); Bones; 16" x 30" x 16"

Pam Huth; Draco Occidentalis (hatchling); Bones; 16" x 30" x 16"

The annual Art Department and Photography Department Faculty Show includes a variety of works of art in a wide range of media.  The exhibit provides a look at the aesthetic and educational philosophies advocated by El Camino College Art Department and Photography Department, and demonstrates an array of concepts and techniques currently characteristic of the art world.  The exhibit includes artwork representing multiple techniques within the areas of photography, painting, drawing, print making, sculpture, mixed media installation, graphic design, digital media, jewelry and ceramics.

The painting area is represented richly by Randall Bloomberg, who exhibits a fanciful portrait of his daughter, luscious landscape by Joe Kabriel, revelatory imagery by Thom Kidd, a reflective underwater self-portrait by Binh Ngo and strong abstract works in on paper by Harrison Storms.  Richard Ewing shows ink wash caricatures of three deceased U.S. presidents and Linda Busch exhibits still life and portraiture in watercolor. Joyce Dallal displays a mixed media scroll that references her experience of multi-cultural heritage found in Spain. The design originated in photographs she took while on a residency in Spain.  In the drawing and print making areas, Joe Hardesty shows a contemplative graphite drawing and Katherine Sheehan shows layered printed and painted-landscapes with birds.

From the 3-D area, Russell McMillin exhibits a handsome encrusted ceramic torso, one of a series of female warrior works. Vince Palacios presents ceramic sculpture decorated with ceramic decals of alchemical and botanical images. Pam Huth exhibits a realistic fledgling dragon made of bones.  Cheryl Dimson presents story-boards for two commercial projects and Susanna Meiers displays small, dreamlike tableaux in mixed media. Irene Mori presents elegant jewelry in silver with embedded precious stones. Michael Lewis Miller presents a 19th Century schoolmaster's desk with an array of constructed wands/teaching props.  Additionally Miller exhibits two other 19th Century tables with added mixed media and text components. Gretchen Potts presents an interactive/relational aesthetics installation made of printed plastic and paper shapes.  She invites the viewer to contribute text or images to this wall-mounted piece.

Photography is beautifully represented with black and white silver gelatin prints by Darilyn Rowan.  Aaron Giesel presents a glorious monumental silver gelatin image.  Michael Quinn shows a luminous pigmented print of a landscape in Nevada.  Robert Dalton displays a range of photographic images that include both digital manipulation and unaltered pieces in both black and white and color. Cheryl Dimson presents story boards for two commercial projects.

Art Historian and artist, Ali Ahmadpour, presents American Tile, a politically motivated, audience participatory installation with a video component.

Each year the faculty members in the Art and Photography departments are invited to exhibit artwork in a non-curated exhibit that seeks to expose the student body and general public to the creative aspect of the faculty.  The work each year is wide-ranging and fascinating, demonstrating the breadth of talent within the Art and Photography Departments.  We hope that you enjoy the show.



Last Published 11/18/16