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Conversations and Soliloquies with Poli Marichal, Marianne Sadowski,
and Los de Abajo Printmaking Collective including Kay Brown, Nguyen Ly, Don Newton

 March 2 – April 2, 2015
(gallery closed March 16 – 19 for Spring Break)

 Reception: Thursday, March 5, 7-9 p.m.

 Gallery walk-through w/the artists: Tuesday, March 10 at 1p.m.

Los de Abajo Printmaking Collective; Untitled (detail)

Los de Abajo Printmaking Collective; Untitled (detail); mixed media


Marianne Sadowski; Fertile Constellation

Marianne Sadowski; Fertile Constellation; Woodcut, linocut, monoprint, soft pastels on rice paper  


Poli Marichal; Correspondences

Poli Marichal; Correspondences; monotype, crayon on paper;
30" x 22"


Poli Marichal; Camouflage

Poli Marichal; Camouflage; monotype, oils, crayon on paper;
30" x 22"

El Camino College Art Gallery is proud to present the recent work of Poli Marichal and Marianne Sadowski in Life Cycle. Both artists are widely exhibited in galleries internationally and throughout the U.S.

Artist/Filmmaker Poli Marichal was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where she has her studio. Marichal has a B.A in Printmaking from the Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico and an MFA in Filmmaking from Massachusetts College of Art. Among the grants she has been awarded are a Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship and a New Works Grant from Massachusetts Council for the Arts. She has taught printmaking at Self-Help Graphics & Art, SPARC, the Getty Center, and other venues.

Printmaker, painter and photographer, Marianne Sadowski completed her undergraduate degree in film and her masters degree in painting at the Academia de San Carlos in Mexico City where she was born and raised. She has been exhibiting her work while teaching art in schools, museums and cultural centers in both Mexico and the U.S. since 1995. Sadowski is a resident of Los Angeles, California.

Life Cycle is the culmination of a period of work and travel for each of these artists. Within the year, both returned to their birth-places to exhibit and explore new ideas. This exhibition heralds the entrance of new directions gained from the resto rative connection to their own native terrain(s). Not only does this work address issues of personal growth but speaks eloquently about the universal cycles of life, death and regeneration.

Poli Marichal and Marianne Sadowski deal, both individually and collaboratively, with biological and botanical imagery, often over-laden with human forms. In works that range from the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly to images of fire and rain followed by new botanical growth one senses the eternal human struggle to balance the forces of darkness and light.

Marichal's paintings, drawings, prints and mixed media works, energetically combine drawing, painting, and printmaking, joining realism and symbolism to create earthy images that convey strong statements about the human condition and the natural world. In addition to static 2-D work she presents whimsical digitally animated shorts where her prints "come to life" inside virtual environments that explore territory that is both real and surreal.

The paintings, prints and mixed media works of Marianne Sadowski portray the human psyche as connected to nature. Where Marichal's imagery seems rooted in the soil, Sadowski hovers somewhere between light and shade, astral and terrestrial. She deftly combines woodcuts, linocuts, polymer plates with drawing and painting, often employing the use of pigments and resins on bark and rice papers in works that strive to balance and transform polarized forces.

The third element in Life Cycle is the introduction of four recent collaborative pieces done by Poli Marichal and Marianne Sadowski with members from the printmaking collective, Los de Abajo, including participation by Kay Brown, Nguyen Ly and Don Newton. These works include mixed media print works as well as a large flying figure who floats above the gallery, gathering the wishes of visitors in an interactive installation titled Flying Man.




Marianne Sadowski; The Birch Tree

Marianne Sadowski; The Birch Tree; monotype, charcoal,
chine-collé, on rice paper; 46.5" x 46.5"





Poli Marichal; Cieba de los Adolescentes

Poli Marichal; Cieba de los Adolescentes; Monotype on paper;
30" x 22"



Marianne Sadowski; Dreaming

Marianne Sadowski; Dreaming; chine-collé, polymer plate, pencil and wood rubbing on rice paper, 64" x 33.5"

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