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E-Dollar$ - Sallie Mae (R) Debit MasterCard (R)

Get your financial aid payments electronically using the Sallie Mae's debit MasterCard.

The debit card is mailed to the student only when a payment is sent by El Camino College to Sallie Mae and not when the student applies for the card online.

  1. Sallie Mae (R) Debit  MasterCard (R): Electronic Payment or

  2. Paper Check: Payments sent by U.S. Mail in 5-7 business days

E-Dollar$ is a new program to pay federal financial aid funds electronically. Students can sign-up beginning November 2009 by clicking on the E-Dollar$ link above and completing an application. Spring 2010 will be the first disbursements made to students for the 2009-2010 academic year. Students that do not sign up for the program will be paid by check but will usually have to wait 5-7 business days for a check to arrive from Indiana. Students that sign-up for a debit card may get funds soon after payments are generated by ECC and Sallie Mae has made these funds available. The debit card also has a MasterCard logo and is accepted by thousands of locations via the Allpoint ATM network, campus ATM machines and at the campus bookstore.

 If you sign up for the Sallie Mae(R) Debit MasterCard (R) you can:

  • Apply for FREE to get a SallieMae (R) Debit MasterCard (R). (No Credit Check Required)
  • Transfer your balance into a bank account of your choice from the online application.
  • Invite a parent and/or third-party to re-load this debit card through the online application with their credit card.
  • Make purchases at the campus bookstore or anywhere that MasterCard logo is accepted.
  • Withdraw money at no charge at any Allpoint ATM machine. Locate an ATM Machine at Enter your zip code to find the surcharge free ATM closest to you!
  • View the status of your refund and/or financial aid disbursement through Sallie Mae's online platform (ie debit card loaded, debit card mailed, direct deposit).
  • View and manage your debit card balance.

You will receive paper checks, by U.S. mail, in 5-7 business days if you do not sign up for the above Sallie Mae (R) Debit MasterCard (R).  


 Last Published 4/5/10